Friday, November 30, 2012

Finished Week 3 this morning and Comic Con

I finished Week 3 this morning of C25K!  Although I'm a bit nervous about week 4.  Sunday's run will be 3 min/5 min/3 min with walking intervals.  5 minutes seems like a long time!  And today so far I've stayed on plan food wise.

Tomorrow is going to be so much fun!  I can't hardly stand it!  I'm like a kid waiting on Christmas morning.  We are going to the New Orleans Comic Con!  This will be our 3rd NOLA CC and I'm so looking forward to it!  I will take plenty of pics so if you are my facebook friend, be on the lookout!  Tomorrow may be a wash with exercise, but we will be doing a lot of walking I'm sure.  And if we go back Sunday, I do plan to get my run in very early. 

So sorry this one is short and sweet but we do have a zillion things left to do tonight.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Not much of a loss this week

Well not much of a loss this week but I suppose .2 is still a loss.  I figured with last weeks 3lb loss that it would inevitably even out.  I'm still a little disappointed though.  I hit all my calorie targets (and sometimes under..) this week and got a lot of my daily water in.  Exercise was pretty consistent too.   Ah well, maybe next week will see some results.

I have a pretty exciting weekend coming up!  We are looking forward to going to New Orleans Comic Con again.  We aren't able to go each day this time around but we are going for Saturday.  Friday I'm planning on taking off work just to get some stuff done around the house and we will leave for NOLA bright and early on Saturday morning.  I'll be sure to take lots of pics!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Water, Calories, Running.... Oh My!

Ok so I noticed something profound.  Well, profound to me anyway!  You drink all your water the day before, and your legs do not feel like lead when you run the next day.  It's like a light bulb just went off.  DUH to me!  I always have a really hard time drinking all my water on the weekend so I found this app called "Water Your Body".  It makes a cute little water sound to remind you to drink.  And you can also set a timer as to when you want it to start and to finish (like 8am until 8pm) and it calculates what you should be drinking - half your body weight in ounces.  Chris commented last night that he thinks the app is trying to drown me - lol. 

Now I have a calorie related question.  According to MFP, I should be consuming 1200-1350 calories per day.  Each day I enter all my food in and I'm usually around 1000 per day, but I'm not starving nor do I feel stuffed by eating this much.  Is this safe?  Also, I noticed with MFP when you exercise, they lump that in with your calories.  Does that mean that I should be eating more to compensate?  If I get to the end of the day and enter all my food, I guess it's a good thing that I can squeeze in a light beer or something but I'm just worried that I'm not doing the right thing.

And to the running portion.... I did 3 minutes straight - twice today!  WOOOHOOOO!  And as a side note, man I can't wait until my shadow shrinks a bit.  And that is not quite as lumpy as I look.  I had on a sweatshirt and in the pocket was a knit cap.  It was cold.

Friday, November 23, 2012

The Day After...

Well yesterday did not quite go as I planned.  I didn't get any exercise in but between preparations, lugging furniture around and basically running around like a mad woman for a couple hours, I know I burned a few calories here and there.  I didn't feel like I over-indulged either which was my main goal for yesterday.  I ate what I wanted but didn't overeat.  Although, one possible bad point, is that I did skip breakfast and Dinner.  We ate lunch at around 1pm so I really just was not hungry for dinner. 

I did take a sneak peak to see what damage I had done on the scale and I am pleased to see that I am only up .3/10th of a pound since Wednesday's weigh in.  I can totally handle that.

But I am fully back on track today with logging into MFP and I'm about to go finish up Week 2 of C25K as soon as I wrap up this post.  The YMCA opens back up tomorrow so my plan is to go early and hit the elliptical and maybe weights tomorrow morning and then start Week 3 Sunday. 

I am totally loving these extra days off.  I really need to start doing some Christmas shopping. I think I will concentrate on that after Comic Con next weekend.  Then I will be in full-on Christmas mode I think.  Today, however, I need to get this house in shape and after that, I plan on doing some serious relaxing.  

But first.. off to run/walk! 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pre-thanksgiving weigh in and c25k

Wow, I did my next day on C25K this morning but man, my legs felt like lead.  I know I went at a slower pace too.  Well at least it's done. 

The scale was good to me this morning.  233!  That's a 3.8 pound loss since last week.  I don't expect too much of a loss next Wednesday but I do plan on getting at least some exercise in tomorrow to hopefully counteract Thanksgiving meal.  Overall, I'm really not gonna sweat it.  Thanksgiving is one day per year and I should enjoy myself.  I just will try really hard not to over-eat and feel stuffed.

Lots to do today though and I'm glad I took today off.  About to go run and do my blood work for my Coumadin levels (I have a blood-clotting disorder and am on coumadin for life) and bring Dev to an appointment.  Then after that, I'm headed out to my mom and dad's to help them get ready for tomorrow.  Hopefully we can get some of the cooking done today.

Hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving full of love and laughter!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Start of Week 2

Just a quick post before I have to get ready for work.  I just finished Week 2 Day 1 this morning.  It went ok but a weird phenomenon happened.  Usually the first few minute runs are the hardest for me.  Today it went easy to very difficult.  I did trudge through though and I finished! That is the main thing I guess.  One added bonus of running before work... I saw the stars out! 

I think it really helped that I had everything ready to go when I woke up. All my clothes were laid out and when the alarm went off at 4:45 I just rolled out of bed and didn't even think about it. 

Ok now need to rush around and get showered and ready for work.  Hurray for short weeks!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Exercise Playlists

So I've been thinking about making a playlist and this morning I downloaded a few songs that may help subliminally along the way.  My husband wakes up each morning that he bikes to work with "Bicycle Race" by Queen and I'm really starting to hate that song, lol.  I love Queen but I hate being awakened by Freddie Mercury singing, "Bicycle...bicycle".  Ugh.  So I think I'm going to pay him back by playing "I Ran" by Flock of Seagulls.

Anyway here is the few that I downloaded this morning (and they don't necessarily need to be running themed but these are just a few that I thought of).:

1. Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill
2. Slade - Run Runaway
3. Flock of Seagulls - I Ran
4. Eminem - Lose Yourself

I know I don't have many readers (*crickets*) but if someone should see this and think of any suggestions, they would be most welcome!

Week 1 completed!

This morning I finished week 1 and felt pretty good doing it.  Overall it's been a pretty good week food wise and exercise wise.  We shall see how Thanksgiving will go.  Thank goodness my weigh in day is Wednesday and not Friday!  I do plan on either doing C25K on Thanksgiving morning just to get something in that day.  Either that or at the very least I will walk around my mom's neighborhood.  Anyway that's the plan, Stan!

I am going ahead and start week 2 tomorrow even though I know you are supposed to give yourself a break between running.  But Monday is always a busy day and unless I force myself to get up at 4:30 to go do it that would be the only way I could get my run in and I don't think that is gonna happen.  We bowl on a league on Mondays and I usually have to bring Devyn to work by 5 (I get off work at 3:30).  There just isn't any time to squeeze in a run after work unfortunately.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

How did I get here?

I started out this life underweight and up until college pretty much stayed there.  When I was born, I weighed 1 pound and 7 ounces.  I remember vividly going shopping with my mom when I was in 8th grade and I found a pair of pants that I just loved.  They were a size 0.  It's crazy now to think that I was ever that size.  I think in High School I managed to get to a 3/4.  I was heavily into sports and I was fit and had a little muscle definition going on.  Now once I went away to college that's when things started changing for me.  I discovered freedom and along with it alcohol (back then the drinking age here in Louisiana was 18).  Plus at college you have a meal plan so I just went wild.  So needless to say I found out why they call it the "Freshman 15" 

Ironically the best thing that could have happened was me getting pregnant.  I was not heading down a good path.  I was flunking out of college anyway, I had no drive or ambition and I wasn't even really with Devyn's dad at the time.  Of course, once I did find out that I was pregnant we both tried to make things work.  We ended up marrying but spent most of that time apart (he joined the Navy).  By the time we got out and tried to be our own little family unit, it was apparent that there was no way that our relationship was going to work.  We were both miserable.  I'm pretty sure at this point I weighed around 160-170. 

Divorce actually worked wonders for me.  I had dropped around 20 pounds and felt better than I had in a while.  I think I actually even saw a size 12 at one point.  Then I ended up meeting my now husband.  Now, granted he is and always will be the best thing that has ever happened to me.  But along with that happiness came contentment.  And along with that, the pounds started packing on.  We are both homebodies by nature so we do play alot of games (playstation 3 and we did play World of Warcraft), watched movies and just a whole lot of sitting around and enjoying life.

I've had a lot of "aha" moments and lots of attempts at starting and stopping the diet wagon.  I had actually found a system that worked last year.   I had dropped 25 pounds and was well on my way to being happy.  The magic formula was.... diet and exercise.  What worked for me was hitting my food calorie range of 1200-1400 per day and just getting out and moving around.  I had also started the Couch to 5 K program and gotten all the way to week 7.  I was proud at how far I had come in just 2 months and I knew that I was heading down the right path for once. 

Week 7 of the C25K is to run for 25 minutes at one time.   I was on top of the moon that I had accomplished that! This was Thanksgiving morning of last year (2011). 

Why I stopped, to this day I have no idea.  I had not run since then.  I stopped going to the gym.  I know I had stress going on but really that is not an excuse.  Devyn was in her senior year of high school and we had deadline upon deadline that we had to meet.  None of that was not affecting me squeezing in some me time.  I just fell back into bad habits and stopped caring.

My latest aha moment happened just last week.  At my ob/gyn appointment my doctor mentioned that I should look into bariatric surgery.  That hit me like a ton of bricks.  I gained as much composure as I could muster and walked out of the doctors office.  Once I hit my car, the floodgates opened.  Something has to give here.  I have got to get healthy and not for anyone else but for me.   In addition, surgery is not a viable option for me.  I have a blood-clotting disorder called Anti-phospholipid antibody syndrome.  So any kind of surgery is a big deal.  As it stands now I am constantly having to watch what I eat since I have to have my blood levels checked so often. 

So here I am.  This is just me trying to be honest with myself.  It is time to change my life and make the most of it instead of watching it pass me by.  I'm tired of making an excuse not to join my friends because of the fact that I'm embarrassed to be around anyone because of my size.  I'm tired of being depressed all the time because I know that if I could just be thinner I'd be happier.  It's time to stop making excuses and lying to myself about how bad it is.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

W1D2 of C25K

Well just finished Day 2.  I was a little sore yesterday but it wasn't too terribly bad.  My original plan was to get up and do it this morning before work but morning exercising has been a struggle for me lately.  Hopefully once I get in a more established routine of exercise, I will sleep better at night and that will lead me to actually waking up on time to do what I need to do in the morning.  I'd prefer to be able to do it early and before work. 

Today's run/walk went pretty well.  I did start dragging towards the end but I keep telling myself that this isn't a race and that I can work on time and pacing much later.  I did notice my shadow at one point and oh my gawd...  If I get brave on my next run I may snap a pic.  That may also get placed on my refrigerator as a motivational tool.

Monday, November 12, 2012


I've decided to start the C25K program again today.  If I start today, my last day should be the 2nd week of January.  And after the new year starts, one of my resolutions will be to participate in and complete a 5 K!  We shall see how this goes!  I had gotten all the way to week 7 last year and during that time had lost 25 pounds.  I know this works!  Plus, I have been very diligently logging my food into MFP each day.  My downfall always seems to be when I move away from that.  No more excuses!

Friday, November 9, 2012

There and back again and then some!

This is not my first foray into the blogosphere but I wanted a new and fresh start since hopefully this will end with a new and happier me.

My title comes from The Hobbit (which in anticipation of the movie coming out, I am re-reading).  And this is my journey.  My journey begins with an unhappy woman.  I'm not necessarily unhappy with my life but unhappy as to whom I have become.  This is not how I planned to be at this stage of my life.  So it's time to start an adventure, and just like Bilbo, it wasn't one that he wanted to begin but one that will hopefully change my life and for the better.

My game plan is this:
  • Journal food and exercise on My Fitness Pal
  • Try to do at least 30 minutes of some type of exercise each day
  • Start the C25K plan again
I'm sure I will add more later to this list as well as work on some short term goals.  But for now, every journey starts with a single step. And this is mine.