Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pre-thanksgiving weigh in and c25k

Wow, I did my next day on C25K this morning but man, my legs felt like lead.  I know I went at a slower pace too.  Well at least it's done. 

The scale was good to me this morning.  233!  That's a 3.8 pound loss since last week.  I don't expect too much of a loss next Wednesday but I do plan on getting at least some exercise in tomorrow to hopefully counteract Thanksgiving meal.  Overall, I'm really not gonna sweat it.  Thanksgiving is one day per year and I should enjoy myself.  I just will try really hard not to over-eat and feel stuffed.

Lots to do today though and I'm glad I took today off.  About to go run and do my blood work for my Coumadin levels (I have a blood-clotting disorder and am on coumadin for life) and bring Dev to an appointment.  Then after that, I'm headed out to my mom and dad's to help them get ready for tomorrow.  Hopefully we can get some of the cooking done today.

Hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving full of love and laughter!

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