Friday, November 23, 2012

The Day After...

Well yesterday did not quite go as I planned.  I didn't get any exercise in but between preparations, lugging furniture around and basically running around like a mad woman for a couple hours, I know I burned a few calories here and there.  I didn't feel like I over-indulged either which was my main goal for yesterday.  I ate what I wanted but didn't overeat.  Although, one possible bad point, is that I did skip breakfast and Dinner.  We ate lunch at around 1pm so I really just was not hungry for dinner. 

I did take a sneak peak to see what damage I had done on the scale and I am pleased to see that I am only up .3/10th of a pound since Wednesday's weigh in.  I can totally handle that.

But I am fully back on track today with logging into MFP and I'm about to go finish up Week 2 of C25K as soon as I wrap up this post.  The YMCA opens back up tomorrow so my plan is to go early and hit the elliptical and maybe weights tomorrow morning and then start Week 3 Sunday. 

I am totally loving these extra days off.  I really need to start doing some Christmas shopping. I think I will concentrate on that after Comic Con next weekend.  Then I will be in full-on Christmas mode I think.  Today, however, I need to get this house in shape and after that, I plan on doing some serious relaxing.  

But first.. off to run/walk! 


  1. I didn't have too much damage either after yesterday! However, with the leftovers that might be a different story :). Keep going!

  2. Yea, the leftovers may be an issue too. It was quite eye opening today entering in those dishes, but so far I'm within my range. Let's hope hubby doesn't break out the margarita's tonight!