Saturday, November 17, 2012

Week 1 completed!

This morning I finished week 1 and felt pretty good doing it.  Overall it's been a pretty good week food wise and exercise wise.  We shall see how Thanksgiving will go.  Thank goodness my weigh in day is Wednesday and not Friday!  I do plan on either doing C25K on Thanksgiving morning just to get something in that day.  Either that or at the very least I will walk around my mom's neighborhood.  Anyway that's the plan, Stan!

I am going ahead and start week 2 tomorrow even though I know you are supposed to give yourself a break between running.  But Monday is always a busy day and unless I force myself to get up at 4:30 to go do it that would be the only way I could get my run in and I don't think that is gonna happen.  We bowl on a league on Mondays and I usually have to bring Devyn to work by 5 (I get off work at 3:30).  There just isn't any time to squeeze in a run after work unfortunately.

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