Sunday, December 16, 2012


I can't stop thinking of the victims of the Newton, CT shooting.  Myself, like everyone else I'm sure is just devastated by this senseless tragedy.  I just can't wrap my head around it.  How scared those poor babies must have been!

Ok on a lighter subject, the scale just isn't moving.  I'm still plugging away and eating under my calories and exercising.  I know eventually it will budge but there is a lot of temptation just around the corner with Christmas coming.  We will see what Wednesdays weigh in brings.

Today was w5d1 of C25K and surprisingly I did ok with it!  Now, I'm really really nervous about the 2 upcoming 8 minute runs and of course Day 3 and the 20 minute run.  I'm already starting to freak out about it.  Everything I've read said that this is a mental challenge run and I suppose that may be right since I am seriously wigging out.  What does keep me going is knowing that I did this before and I can do this again.  In fact as of today, I'm 2 weeks away from when I had stopped before.  I will finish this time around!  Just gotta get past a certain 20 minute run.

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