Friday, December 21, 2012

Chasing Pavements / W5D3 of C25K

Should I give up or should I keep on chasing pavements?

Holy crap, I did it! When everyone says that this is the toughest mental day, they arent kidding! I had talked myself out of running and back in at least a dozen times before I finally got out of bed and ready to head out.  (It's too cold; I'll never be able to finish this; I didn't sleep well last night so I could use the extra snooze).  It is 37 degrees here and I still did it!

This is a huge nsv for me. I have been struggling with the scale for 3 weeks now and this was the confidence boost I needed to keep me pushing forward. Trust me when I say, if this 38 year old and overweight woman can do this then you can too!!!

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