Wednesday, December 19, 2012


The scale is not being nice.  In fact, it's been a meany butt.  I have been hoovering around 229 for 3 weeks now.  I'm still counting my calories and I'm still exercising regularly.  I guess my body just doesn't want to let go of all this fat.   Not sure what to do or if I should change things up or just keep plugging away.

I did finish Week 5, Day 2 yesterday.  WOW that was quite a challenge.  I knew going into yesterdays run that I haven't been hitting my water target the last 2 days and I did feel sluggish when running.  I'll need to really get my water in today since tomorrow or Friday I will be running for 20 minutes straight - (Eeep!)  But the bottom line is that I actually finished it.  And I felt good about it too.  I am still worried about the 20 min run.  We will see!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


  1. Hmm, have you tried cutting anything out of your diet? Ex: soda? I cut out sodas for 3 weeks now and I've been loosing weight in spots I havent been able to loose (or didnt know my body was holding on to it). Also, I changed up my BC pill and my body lost about 3-5 pounds of weight it was just "holding on to". Bodys are funny like that. Keep at it, I know that scale will start to move BIG time again!

  2. Hey! I actually haven't had a drop of soda since Nov. 6th. But.. I have had a few more "sweets" with it being Christmas but I've been careful to account for it in MFP and try not to go over. I know yesterday's food hasn't been quite as healthy as it could be though. And I do think my time of the month is quickly approaching so maybe that has something to do with it too. Who knows . If you want to add me on MFP, I'm geauxgirl42 over there. :) Maybe you can see something that needs to be addressed.