Thursday, December 13, 2012

Holding steady

I'm definitely seeing a pattern emerge with my weight loss.  It seems I'm going every other week and then boom... 3-4 pounds gone.  But the other weeks I'm only seeing slight movement.  We are talking like 0.2 pounds.  It's really strange but I'll take it.  As of yesterday I'm down 11.2 pounds since November 6th.  Not too shabby.  I'd love to see a solid 15 pound loss by Christmas.

I've been reading alot of posts and comments about whether or not you should eat back your exercise calories.  I personally am just sticking with the 1200 calorie per day method.  If I try to eat back my calories I ususally end up feeling way too full and miserable.

Today should be a challenge.  We don't normally go out to eat but we are tonight with the in-laws.  I've taken a look at the menu and have and idea of what I'm going to get (Boiled Shrimp and a salad).  The problem may be the appetizers but I'm really going to try to stay within my range today.  I also need to squeeze in some type of exercise today since I totally skipped yesterday.  I can either do the next C25K day today or tomorrow so I am flexable there but I may end up just going to the gym and doing some actual weights today and maybe walk around the track for a few minutes.

I did sign up for a December Exercise challenge of doing 1000 minutes.  So I do need to amp up my exercising some more to make that goal.  I think as of the last day I exercised I am at 257/1000.  So yea, I really need to do something every day so I can hit that goal. 

Ok work becons so you guys have a great day!

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