Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Oh the weather outside is frightful..

Well, that is how it was on Christmas day here!  We experienced some really rough weather.  Fortunately we never lost power but we did have to stay at my moms for a bit until the weather cleared.  There actually was reports of a tornado touching down nearby. 

We had a nice Christmas!  It was pretty quiet but we still ended up being busy for 2 days straight.  I did score some new earbuds and a cellphone holder armband.  Hubby also said he will get me some shoes in a week or two so I will have some new running shoes shortly!  Can't wait for that and I am determined this time to not use them for everyday use like I usually do!  These will be running and running only now that C25K is on the downward slope.

On the food front, I did ok.  I didn't over eat but I didn't exactly eat what I should have either.  I also skipped 2 meals on purpose Christmas Eve and Christmas day to allow for more calorie consumption.  Unfortunately exercise did not happen.  Other than cleaning on Christmas Eve that was pretty much the extent of exercise on those days.  

I adore Christmas as a holiday but honestly, I'm glad that it is over.  Now I can get back to a regular routine that doesn't involve planning, baking, Christmas present buying and all the other stuff that goes along with it. We plan on having a very very low-key New Years so as of today I'm offically saying that I'm back on plan and trying to kick it up a notch.

Weight is back to 228.2 so still not much change there but at least it is down .8 from last week.  And honestly, I am THRILLED with that because with Christmas and all the eating it could have been so much worse.

I did Week 6 Day 2 of C25K this morning.  I felt my pace was slow but the wind was blowing something fierce!  I think had the wind not been that bad, I would have done a bit better.  Endomondo said my pace was 18min/mile but that also included a 5 minute warm up walk.  I think I'll have a better grasp on pace once I actually key just the runs in.  I will do that on Friday's run I think.  I won't start Endomondo until the actual run, then I will stop it for the cool down walk.  It's so hard to fumble with my cell phone and run.  Then I will just go back and manually enter the 5 min start up walk and 5 min cool down walk after.  The interval timing is a beast to calculate.  And plus, I hate math. 

So after my run this morning I had a little time to kill before bloodwork and actual work so I decided to dust off one of the dvd's I own and get some more minutes in.  I was looking for my Biggest Loser dvd but couldn't find it.  I did find my Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred.  Now... I have heard some stories about how tough this dvd is, so since I was out of options with the other dvd, I said what the heck and put it in the dvd player.  Can you say OUCH?!  Holy crap that thing kicked my butt!  And that was the lowest level of endurance too!  Sheesh.  But now that I've started it I feel obligated to give it a try and keep at it.  I took some before pics for starting the 30DS and we shall see how this goes.  I have a feeling that I will be sore tomorrow. 

Oh and one more thing.  Jumping jacks and large boobies do not mix.  Just sayin'.   Oh. Em. Gee. OUCH!

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