Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Signed up to complete my first 5K!

Ahem, guess I should explain.  It's actually not a "real" one but a virtual one.  Katie at Runs for Cookies is planning on hosting a Virtual 5k on her birthday, January 25th!  And by my calculations I should have finished Week 9 of C25K the week before.  Soooo, there it is.  While it's not an official one, I'm still pretty excited about it!   After I get past Christmas, I will start mapping out and planning some actual 5Ks.  I want to do this! 

One kinda major thing that kinda gives me anxiety about running a real 5K is my shyness.  I'm just not good around people I don't know and especially in large crowds.  I really wish I could find a running buddy that is local so at least I could have someone to talk to at the races.  And honestly, I am SO much better than I used to be but I will never be one of those types of people who go up to strangers and introduce myself.  But I think my determination to actually do a 5K may put me out of my comfort zone anyway so who knows what will happen between now and next year.  I hope my insecurities don't come up and bite me in the butt.

Oh well, Week 4 Day 2 tonight and possibly some elliptical time in.  The scale hasn't moved much since last Wednesday so I'm hoping to give me a little bump so I can show a loss tomorrow. 

Hope everyone is having a good week!

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