Friday, December 28, 2012


Today was W6D3 for me and it, um, didn't quite go as expected.  I did manage to get my 25 minutes in but it wasn't at one time.  I had to make an emergency run back to the house for a bathroom visit.  :(   Once I got back on the road, I had roughly 16m45s to finish and I thought that I really wanted to try to squeeze a mile in just to see what that pace was.  My C25K timer went off but I still had less than .10 of a mile left so I opted to run it out and make a solid mile.   That put my mile pace at 17m30s.  Completely SLOW.  But I'm not going to try to stress too much about it as I figure that I will work on timing later once I'm running distance more regularly.

I did manage to map out a route that will put me at an official 5K.  I will drive to that location and do that run maybe on the weekend or in the evenings.  The morning runs that I do during the week will be as they are now, just running up and down my road and close to the house so I can easily pop back in in case of future bathroom emergencies and proximity to the shower.

If the weather permits on our long weekend, hubby and I may go out to the LSU lakes and do a bit of walking (for me) and biking (for him).  And if it should fall on my next C25K day I would like to run it out there.  Just a change of scenery will be nice.


  1. Hi!
    Thanks so much for the comment on my blog, it's the kick up the behind I needed! I find blogging really hard (I'm not that interesting, lol) so I hope I can get started on it as I have lost almost 15lbs so I have something to say!

    Good luck on your journey, I look forward to reading about your progress especially the C25K as I've been looking to get started on that for a long while. Let's do it together! WOO!

    -Lorraine x

  2. Aww you are very welcome! I actually find blogging hard as well. Im kinda uninteresting myself but I figured that Id at least want something to document my progress and to*hopefully* have something to look back on and say "hey! I did that!!
    Best of luck in your journey as well! They say the hardest step is the first one out the door!