Saturday, January 19, 2013

I graduated!

W9D3 of C25K is officially in the books and done. For the first time in many years, I have actually finished this program.  I've tried this before about 3 times but this time I stuck it out.  I am really proud that I saw this through. 

The first mile lap was a PR for me but the second, I slowed down a bit.  All in all I did a smidge more than 2 miles.  

So, what's next.... weather permitting, I may sign up for a 5 K that is being run next weekend.  You can register the morning of and its not going to be a real large one.  My plan for now is to run as far as I can go and then walk the rest.  Here is the link to their website:   2 Seam Dream Foundation

I'm scheduled for a Virtual 5K on the 25th, but I'm wondering if I can just do it on the 26th?  I'm not really sure how those work but I don't think at this point I should run back to back days.  At least I've never tried doing that but I can imagine that I would need to give my legs a rest.

So I guess my plan from this point is to gradually increase my time and distance until I can actually run a complete 5K.  I'm thinking 2 minute increments? Maybe?   Eventually I do plan to start the Bridge 2 10 K but for now I think I will just see how things go now and still plan on running 3 times per week.

So this is probably the biggest NSV I have ever had at this point!  I'm ready to see if I can do more!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!  Mine is off to a really good start!


  1. Generally virtual 5ks are pretty open ended, running it a day late still means you're running it. It's not like there's a virtual race police or anything.

    It's cool to know you're doing it at the same time as other people, but life is life and I've definitely done a couple when convenient rather than when scheduled. I've seen a couple which involve some sort of raffle prize and for those I'd make sure to run it the day-of.

    Have you checked out ? I haven't done any of their races yet but getting race bling IS pretty awesome.

  2. Sweet! I'll check that out. Yea, I think I'd rather run the real one if I had to choose. I'll try to read more on the virtual one's blog about it and see if anyone else is running it the day before. If not, oh well!

  3. Congratulations on graduating C25K! That's really amazing. I was working towards it last year, hope to complete it in 2013 :)