Thursday, January 17, 2013


I was browsing around MFP forums today and I usually like to hang around and view the success stories and nsv topics.  They usually help keep me motivated and I really do enjoy reading them.  I came across a post that had a link to another blog and after reading it, I'm now sitting here at work trying to compose myself from becoming a blubbering mess. 

Anyway, if you want to read this, here it is:   Hey, Fat Girl

It also serves as a reminder to me that I need to be really proud at how far I've come.  In Week 1 of C25K I could barely run a whole minute at a time.  As of today I'm running 35+ minutes and pushing a bit further and further each time.

So the scale may not be moving as far and as fast as I would like and my clothes may not be falling off of me just yet, but for now, I can honestly admit that I am a runner.

Who wouldda thunk it?


  1. wow thats too good, girl! I still cant 'run'

  2. going to read story now
    yes reading success stories gives boost