Sunday, January 13, 2013

Quick drive by post about failing W9D1

I set out this morning to start Week 9 of the program.  It's a grey outside and unusually HOT and humid day here.  I also thought to myself since it was a Sunday that I wanted to see how I could do without my compression stockings on (I have a blood clotting disorder and pretty much wear them all the time).  My legs have been feeling really good lately and I don't know what possessed me to do this.  I felt my legs swelling in the short time I was running.  Needless to say I got 12 minutes and and headed to the house.  So now here I am propping my legs up to get the swelling to go down.  :(  I'm a complete moron I swear!

So,  game plan is this.  I've got bowling tomorrow so pretty much exercise will be non-existent.  Tuesday morning I will do W9D1 over again and hopefully hit the gym Tuesday evening as well.  This pushes the next C25K day to being Thursday and then hopefully by next Saturday I will be officially a graduate of C25K!


  1. Thankyou for dropping by :)
    How are things with you?

    1. I'm doing good today! Legs are feeling better so I'm going to do my redo at the gym tonight and get W9D1 done!