Monday, January 28, 2013

Saturday highs/Sunday lows and update on January Challenges

I had to go and muck things up yesterday.  I ate like utter crapola.  We had company over (Chris's brother, our friend John and our other friend Amy) to play some Munchkin (it's a card game) and I ate chips, salsa, bacon and cheddar dip, a grilled cheese sandwich and then a Chicken Enchilada.  Oh and I did limit myself to just one margarita. Surprisingly enough after keying everything in, I still managed to be right at my calorie goal according to MFP.  (that is a miracle in of itself).   So after skipping breakfast and then grazing all afternoon/evening, needless to say I started feeling like I'd been hit by a truck.  I felt awful throughout the night.

I woke up this morning and got on the scale.  Ugh.  I gained 3 pounds since yesterday !!!!  I'm hoping that it was all the salt from the chips and that it evens back out by Wednesday.  Food intake is already much better today and I'm on track for hitting my 1200-1300 daily goal.  Water has been good today so far.  I need to knock out about 24 more ounces though just to hit my personal water goal today. 

I'm not going to hit my 1500 exercise minutes for January either.  As of now I'm at 1051/1500, so I think I'm going to back down to 1000 minutes for February.

For my Walk to Rivendell (LOTR) Challenge, I'm up to 48 miles for the year (between elliptical, walking and running) so still have a ways to go there, but I'm hoping that if my running increases more and more that I can knock more milage off of that.

I can't do much exercise wise tonight with bowling but I will go to the gym tonight and at least do the weights.  Gym plan for the rest of the week is running on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (Tuesday and Thursday will hopefully be before work if I can swing it).  Then that way I can alternate weights and elliptical the rest of the week after work.  Weather permitting, I'd like to go to the lakes on Saturday for a run.  I'm really wanting to start working on knocking some of that 5K time off.  Sunday is jammie day (ironicially enough it's also laundry day)  :)

Speaking of Seymour, the elliptical machine, I'm hoping that he and I can finish up watching Luther Season 2 this week.  From there I'm trying to decide what to watch or rewatch next.  I've been wanting to rewatch Doctor Who (especially the Tennant years) and maybe going old school and rewatching some Buffy.  Anyone have suggestions for tv shows to watch while at the gym?


  1. Hahahahah Seymour!!!! I LOVE it! I am so going to name my treadmill hehe:) So awesome! You are doing great! There will be days like that with the eating but you still got right back to it, that is awesome. And I bet that's all water weight...I know with me I can go up 5 pounds just from having too much salt one day. Give it a day or two and I bet it disappears! :)

    1. Haha thanks. Yea I find staking my claim in my elliptical is like the settlers in the old west seeking their claim on a piece of land. Plus Seymour and I have a great working relationship ;)
      Yea Im hoping thats what my weigh in tomorrow will be. And everything will be back on the downward path!

  2. Haha I am the same way with my treadmill!! It totally ticks me off when someone else is on it. haha:) You've inspired me...I named her Millie. :D

    1. Millie is an awesome name for a treadmill! :) Love it!