Friday, February 1, 2013

6 Days post 5K and still no running

So I posted this question on My Fitness Pal yesterday to my friends.  I went out and tried to run again yesterday after work.  Like Tuesday, it just wasn't happening.  My legs felt wobbly and I felt like I was getting winded really easily so I switched to walking.  A few minutes later, I felt fine so I really wanted to try to run again.  Same thing happened and I couldn't do it.   I made the lap back and headed home and opted to go to the gym to finish something at least.  So after a few minutes people started responding and that gave me some encouragement.  I wasn't going crazy and apparently this has happened to others.  So until I get my running legs back under me I'm just going to keep going to the gym.  I have also thought about doing a lower C25K day (maybe even week 1) just to keep in the habit of running until I can get back to my 30 minutes or more consistantly. 

So yay!  I'm not crazy!  I was starting to feel like with all that struggle and I had completed the C25K program and then now all of a sudden, I can't run!  It was extremely discouraging.  But I do feel better about it knowing that it was just me.  And I'm glad that this time around I'm really listening to my body and stopping when it is necessary!

And even though I may not be running I'm still giving Seymour a good work out.  I've been to the gym 3 days in a row!  But alas, today may not happen, Chris and I both had a lot of trouble sleeping last night.  We are talking maybe 2 hours max.. so I think when I hit that wall, I'm really gonna hit that wall, know what I mean?  If I can swing something, I may just try to walk for 20 minutes.  Better, than nothing, right?


  1. The whole Sandy kerfluffle was right after my first 5k so I didn't go running for about a week afterward. I can't say I minded the rest but I still definitely felt off during my run.

    Have you looked into the ZombiesRun! app? I got it last month and I'm planning on poking at it once my 10k plan is complete. It's basically a world building game where you have verbally directed "recon missions".

    For the most part you're just doing your thing but occasionally you will hear a zombie approaching and you either speed up or get eaten. If I understand you set your base pace so you can do this running or walking. It seems like it'd be right up your alley and it's starting to be available on more platforms. It is on the expensive side for an app but they do have half off sales on occasion.

    1. Oohhh that does sound right up my alley! Can you play it with your music though?

  2. It's good you went to the gym. :)