Thursday, February 21, 2013

Better day, plus cats & a dog and a brief comic con musing

Yesterday was much better than Tuesday's fiasco!

I got a quick 20 minute run in yesterday morning before work then after work went to the gym and did an hour on the elliptical.  I got through an episode of Doctor Who and overall just ate better and within my range.  Now I just need to get the scale back to cooperating!

Today's plan is to do some weights and maybe 45 minutes or so at the gym.  We are expecting to get some pretty nasty weather in so I'm hoping that I can make it there and back before the bad stuff hits. 

Otherwise nothing much new to report so I will leave you with a picture of my "zoo".  I've been playing around with a new app on my phone that makes collage pics. :)

Top left and going clockwise: Loki, Oz, Buzz T. Dog and then there is Doyle. *Yes, he really sits like that* LOL
OH! I did realize that I have a little less than a year before the next New Orleans Comic Con.  I really want to be at goal by then.  I'm not sure if I'd cosplay but that is really my target goal date.  Now if they get some good celebrities this year so I will actually consider taking my pic with someone!  *I'm talking to you Jensen Ackles (aka Dean Winchester)!!!!  I would also love to get a pic with Norman Reedus and his crossbow /sigh


  1. I love your zoo!

    You will totally be at goal for Comic Con. I know it! :)

  2. Thanks I'd post a pic if my daughter but she always makes the stupid duck face, so the animals will have to suffice. ;)