Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I heard that song yesterday on the way home from bowling last night.  It seemed quite fitting in several different ways.  "I can't get to sleep.."  Sleep has been intermittant if at all lately.  My poor hubby has been sick and when he is sick his snoring is amplified.  He started feeling bad Saturday and starting Saturday night I think I might have gotten 5 hours of good sleep.  Sunday night was the worst though.  I stayed up late to watch the Oscars and the Walking Dead but by the time I went and got in bed (and put my earplugs in ...) I could still hear him through the earplugs.  It was also storming really bad outside that night too.  So I ended up going to sleep on the couch by the time I actually fell asleep until my phone alarm woke me, I think that may have been a total of 2 and a half hours of slumber.  And last night was finally a bit better.  I was all keyed up (as usual) after bowling so I think I fell asleep around 11 on the couch again.  Chris woke me up because I slept though my alarm and I was still so wrung out that I just wanted to sleep more.  I texted my boss and said I'd be in but late so I packed my pillow up and moved back to the bed.  I think I got an extra hour in but I think it really made a world of difference.  I feel much, much better now.  I am still tired, and I think it will be an early night but at least I don't feel completely drained.

Totally showing my age there.  I googled what Colin Hay meant when he wrote this song and this is what I found:  
When we spoke with Colin Hay, he explained that this song could relate to a relationship with a person or a relationship with a place. He was living in St. Kilda, which is part of Melbourne, and felt he was going to leave there soon. Says Colin, "It's about leaving somewhere and leaving your comfort zone. You spend a lot of years trying to get something - fame or recognition or getting to a certain point, and then when you actually achieve it, there's always a certain amount of fear that comes with that, a sense of loss of control, because all of the sudden you're not in control of a situation any more, there's other people involved, it gets bigger and bigger with much more stress."

That makes alot of sense to me.  Change is scary and especially getting out of your comfort zone. 

This weekend was mostly un-eventful.  We don't do a big Oscar party anymore like we used too.  It's really hard when people have to go to work the next morning.  We did have our friend John over and Chris's brother David.  Our usual Sunday night gang for whatever is on tv that night.  (Currently we watch The Walking Dead and next up will be Game of Thrones!)  And of course, I thought about almost quitting on Saturday but I'm glad I'm back together with my head on *relatively* straight.

Food wise, I've been really on point this weekend with the exception for Friday night when we went to a Mexican restaurant, but I still was within my calorie range albiet the high end... Hoping that I can get a run in this afternoon or a little gym time in before we have to go pick up Devyn's car.  It's FINALLY ready from the auto repair shop.   So thankful that is finally finished and tired of taxi-ing her around again.  Send some good vibes that maybe it won't be as expensive as we are fearing. 

Oh! I did also have a couple of NSV's to celebrate!  I can cross a thing off my goal list.  Saturday I went to an LSU basketball game and an LSU baseball game.  I sat comfortably in the seats without the armrests digging into my sides!  At the basketball game I did feel squished though but only when getting up and down.  Once I was actually in the seat, I was fine.  So I am going to ceremoniously cross that off in just a few.  Also, I did notice today when I was getting ready for work that my thighs aren't rubbing together when I walk around un-clothed.  TMI I'm sure, but hey, it's a victory in my opinion! 

The games were awesome too.  Basketball one in triple overtime!  And even though baseball lost, it was a gorgeous night.

Peeked at the scale and it said 212.6 this morning.  Hopefully it will remain there or a bit lower.  Hoping for a "whoosh" this week.  I could really use a scale victory now. 


  1. Ugh. I sympathize on the snoring. My boyfriend snores and keeps me up some nights, so I end up moving to the guest room. He's sick right now, so it's even worse. I woke up at 5:30 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep. I feel bad for him, so I haven't said anything, but I'd probably smother him with a pillow if he weren't so adorable. :-P I know he can't help it, but it's still irritating.

    Congrats on the NSV. :) I'm excited to test the seats at Wrigley this spring. They're super old and tiny. We went when we first started dating, and I was just a few pounds heavier than I am now. I couldn't sit all the way back in the seat. So, I'm hoping I can lose enough by May to fit in the seats like a "normal" person.

    1. Oh my yes, the snoring is bad. But I am ususally ok when I ensure that I fall asleep first. Then it's not usually a problem. When he is sick though, all bets are off and I just have to sleep elsewhere. I really don't mind though, becaue that way I can get some sleep and he can hopefully rest up too.

      Fingers crossed for you in May! You can do it! I'd LOVE to see a Cubs game one of these years! Something to eventually cross of my bucket list!