Saturday, February 23, 2013

Throwing in the towel and then picking it back up again

Ever have days where you just want to give up and not work hard anymore.  Tired of the fight and not seeing enough results? That was the pissy attitude that I woke up with this morning.  And then it turned even worse when I got on the scale.  216.6.  Up ANOTHER pound since Wednesday's official weigh in.  I got up told Chris that I was just going to skip it and that I didn't feel like doing anything anymore.  (After I told him last night that I wanted to try to eek out a 5K this morning).  I feel like all this effort has been just going down the drain.

I got up and went to the computer and vented about it to MFP, then decided to head out the door.  The run wasn't spectacular and I probably should have worked a little harder and pushed a little further.  I only did 1.85 miles in 28 minutes.  But I suppose considering that I was initially not going to do anything at all but sit on my tush, that it was better than nothing.  I came in and realized that sweat was pouring off of me and how good I felt afterwards.

Excuse the messy bathroom and the cat...
Trust me, I was sweating.  And I felt good.  Better than I did before.  Apparently I had chose the right tshirt today too.

So this post is a huge lesson to me that now matter how discouraging things seem, just never, ever give up.


  1. Good for you! It is so hard to pick yourself up when you are discouraged, and you did it!

    1. Thanks! I felt sooo much better afterward. Amazing how much a little perspective helps!

  2. Yes, I think we've all had moments where it feels like we are moving backwards despite ourselves. BUT YEAAHHH you know you aren't because of the healthy choice you made :)

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    1. Yep, he's my ginger bear. My linebacker kitty. And oh so very alpha male.