Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wackadoodle Wednesday or Chinese food is my nemisis...

I was really pumped up on Sunday morning for this weeks weigh in.  As of Sunday I was down to 213.0 and I was THRILLED!  So what has happened since Sunday to make it all fall apart?  I ate within my calories on Sunday and Monday.  Ran 2 miles Monday but exercise was non-existant yesterday due to me having to go help my dad with his new cell phone.  And then of course, I didn't get home until around 6:30 last night and the last thing I wanted to do was cook.  Chris also had to work late so he was sorta in the same boat.  We threw in the towel and ordered Chinese take out.  I do believe that one meal sunk me.  I weighed in at 215.6.  I am still down a tiny bit from last week but it's not quite where I was hoping that I'd be.

This week there are a lot of temptations on the horizon.  Today at work we have a birthday lunch and the birthday boy wanted to order from a local burger place.  I stayed on the safe side and ordered a grilled chicken breast but the dessert will usually be what kills me.  I hope it's something that I hate like German Chocolate cake so it's easy to pass it up.  Then on Friday we have a Retirement at our agency.  It's usually pot-luck style so that actually will not be as bad.  There is usually a ton of veggies and fruit at least.

I woke up later than normal for my run this morning too so I only got a little over a mile in but I will hit the elliptical tonight at the gym as well.  Hoping I can get a good solid hour on it and also try to do some weight traning.  (I haven't done that since last Friday, I really need to be more consisitant with that). 

SO this week was a wash with the weight but next week will be better.  I'm starting to get really antsy about being so close to ONEderland that I can taste it!


  1. You're so funny! I am the same way with the desserts..Sundays we have dinner at my inlaws and I always hope it's something I don't like because sweets are my weakness. I hate german chocolate cake too!! Say you dislike Boston Creme Pie and I'll be pretty sure we're separated at birth! ;)

    Keep at it girl, you're doing'll be in ONEderland before you know it!!!

    1. Fortunately last Wednesday we had pecan pie, which I do like but it's not my favorite. It was easy to pass up. Today is Carrot Cake and that actually is easy to pass up as well. Hmm Boston Cream Pie is actually delicious! I love that so I guess we aren't separated at birth! LOL