Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bridge to 10K running or just winging it?

Morning all!

So since I finished the Couch to 5K program in January, my running has been rather inconsistant.  I've been running but I either stop at 2 miles, or I push myself to a 5K run or just simply do a 20 minute one here and there.  I'm not structured anymore like I was when doing the program.  I just kinda go with the flow sort of thing and I apparently don't have the dicipline to force myself to set running schedule.  Since finishing the program in January, I *may* have actually done a 5K full run 3 times. 

I know one thing is for sure, I really need to find a new and different environment.  I can go run around the LSU lakes and that is definitely an option for me.  I just need to actually go and do it and that will help with the boredom and give me some new scenery.  As evidenced by my last post about the Lakes.

So my thinking is this... I can either download the Bridge to 10K app and proceed with that or, I can try to get to where I run a 5K three times per week and then gradually increase time/distance each week beyond that.  Either way, I really think I need to be more consistant.

Runners out there, how did you continue on after you got to your 5K runs?  Did you follow a plan or did you just wing it?  Should I try to work on improving my very slow pace before building distance?

How true!


  1. I never followed a plan for 5k or 10k or anything really. I am not good at that. Part of me wishes I did because I see the success people have with them but I would get too caught up in it.
    My opinion is that if you work on distance the pace will follow. Last year I kept trying to get faster and was getting disappointed this year I am trying to just work on distance....slow but farther. Only problem is that when you are slow and trying to run further it takes time! My 10ks take about 1:15 which is not easy to find when working and going to school....

    1. Yea, that sounds about right. I will just start doing that I think. If I get to where the 5Ks are consistant again, then I will start adding 2-3 minutes here and there and then see how far it goes.

  2. I think if you feel you're ready to extend the distance, there's nothing wrong with extending it. As you become more conditioned (and the distance will help with that), your pace will gradually improve.

    If you get really fast at a 5K and then start trying the 10K distance, you may see your pace lessen since you aren't used to the distance, and that could be discouraging. That's why I would recommend adding distance first and then work on various PRs.