Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred

I decided to try to help give myself a push to get to under 200 by my goal date of 4/24.  I have been wanting to give Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred a try once more.  (The first time I tried it, I was roughly 25 pounds or so heavier).  My original plan was to do it after I got below 200 but I figured why not give it a try now. 

I actually found that this time around it was much easier.  At least while I was doing the program!  I tell you though, those were the longest 27 minutes of my life!  I kept praying that the jumping jack portion would end because OUCH!  My poor girls!  I think when I try the next day today after work, I will try to use 2 sports bras in hopes that that will help ease the suffering. 

I did take measurements and also some before pics so at the very least I'm hoping to see some changes even if the scale doesn't say so.

This was after.  Chris almost took a pic of me laid out on the floor after the ab portion.  I threatened to post a video of how loud he snores...  Needless to say I won that round!
So I survived Day 1.  And then the pain started to creep in around 3pm.  And then more soreness.  Today I am still quite sore but after work I do plan on attempting Day 2.  Even if I can't quite do all the reps, an attempt shall be made!


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    1. Thanks! Finished Day 2 last night and still a bit sore today. Hopefully it will get easier though!