Monday, March 11, 2013

Oh! I forgot to mention...

I finished Series 1 of Who on the elliptical last week!  Guess WHO is next?!?!  

I love me some 10!  It really makes me look forward to going to the gym just being able to rewatch the show as my "treat".   I've been getting about 3 episodes in per week. 

I finished Series 1 on Thursday and there is one good thing about excessive sweating.  It hides the tears that are streaming down your face after the Doctor says, "Rose, you were fantastic.  And so was I" *sniff sniff*


  1. I might have to give this show a try. It's on my netflix and I really need some new shows to watch while I workout. ~presentlyobsessed.wordpress

    1. Ahh I cannot express completely how awesome Doctor Who is. I can try, but trust me, I can't even begin to say just how much I adore this show! Once I finish all these, my plan is to go back and watch some Buffy!