Thursday, March 7, 2013

Running rut

So you know I have my favorite elliptical machine, Seymour, and I love the feeling I get after running.  I just have not been feeling inspired to run lately.  And it's not just since I was sick.  It was before that too.  I have to literally drag myself out the house to go get a run in, whereas when I go the the gym, I don't even give it a second thought anymore.  It's like I'm on auto-pilot and I just go.  If given a choice between running and going to the gym to my elliptical, I will choose Seymour every time. 

I know that I do like to run, especially how I feel afterwards.  What is going on here?  Not sure why this is happening now.  I like mixing up my cardio and I know that it will definitely benefit me in the long run (ha!) but where has my motivation gone for running!?

Has anyone ever felt like this also?  What did you do to break through this?


  1. Are you bored? I feel like with running, sometimes I just get bored and it really makes me unmotivated to get out there. Can you mix it up and take some different music or go a different route around the neighborhood? I totally feel you, I get that way sometimes too with my cardio. Hang in there, I feel like it will eventually pass!!

    Hey, maybe you just need to pick and name a treadmill!! ;)

    1. Yea, that could very well be what it is. My route is BORING and all the houses on my street look exactly alike. Can you say... uniformity!? I can do something wild and crazy and maybe run counterclockwise! ;) I really think I do need a change of scenery. I can take a short drive somewhere, but then I usually talk myself out of it by saying that by the time I drove somewhere, I could be almost done with my run by now. It's a evil catch 22.