Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wednesday Weigh In


Down .08 from last week.  I'll take it and I'm actually really pleased since exercise kinda flew out the window last week with the exception of the 2 runs I did.

Today was my annual physical with my doctor.  He was very pleased with my progress!  That was the first thing he said!  Of course, naturally, the scale at the doctor had me up 5 from what I had weighed that morning.  So he came in and said wow you have had about a 35 pound loss!  I just had to correct him. LOL!  He said by next year, he will look forward to taking "obese" off of my chart.  So that is definitely a goal by next years physical!  He asked about my goals and what I have been doing and he said to keep up the good work.  All my other stats seem to be in good working order.  Blood pressure, etc.  I also did some bloodwork and waiting on the call about those (cholesterol, all that fun stuff, etc.)

Oh and one more thing.  I have been experiencing some elbow pain recently.  I spoke with Dr. Landry and he's pretty convinced that I have "Tennis Elbow".  So he explained the inflammation and what it was to me.  The problem is that I need an anti-imflammitory med to help ease the pain.  Unfortunately, I can't take any of those due to the coumadin that I take.  So he suggested that I get an appointment with my Rheumatologist and hopefully she can give me a shot or something to help.  I made the appointment and I have that set up for Monday.  Until then, he wants me to try to keep from lifting stuff with my right arm, but that is pretty impossible to due with my job.  It even hurts when using the mouse at work.  Soooo, I did buy a brace to put on my forearm just to see if that helps.  I have it on now.

And since this is a boring post with no pictures, I will leave you with a pic of Loki and Oz from last night.   Oz is usually the "odd man out" so the fact that they were sleeping (on my lap) and so close together was unusual!


  1. A loss is a loss ;)
    If we can take '+' .8 then we MUST take the '-' too!

  2. Great work and kudos on a happy doctor! :) I hope your elbow heals and you find relief soon! My right elbow has on and off pain but since I've been strengthening my triceps, it doesn't hurt half as much as it used to. Heal fast, stay proud!! You're fantastic!!

    1. Thank you! Yea, I did pick up a brace to help hopefully take some of the pressure off of the elbow at least. It seems to be working but I can't wait to go to the doc and I hope that I can get some relief. We had some really big pc moves yesterday at work so it is really aggrivating me now.