Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A couple of NSV's

First off, I wanted to just express how devestated I am about the horrific tornado that hit Oklahoma yesterday.  If any of my readers are in the OK area, please let us know you are safe.  You guys are in my heart and in my thoughts. 

Now for the not so serious stuff, in the grand scheme of things..

I actually have a couple of Non-Scale Victories that I want to share with you.  First off, a biggie....

I've been trying on a couple of pairs of size 18 jeans that I've had in my closet for a couple of weeks now.  My size 20s were getting roomy, even though they still technically fit.  Saturday morning I put a pair on and ... voila!  A little snug but not uncomfortable!

Size 18 jeans!!!
And next up, is something I'm really proud of.  Longest streak ever!  Usually I give up on the whole diet/exercise thing around the 90 day mark.  As of today, I've doubled that!
Longest streak ever!

Oh, I started back running regularly on Saturday and then again this morning.  I did W1D1 on Saturday and thought I could give W2D1 a try this morning.  I did fine with both.  I may round out the Week 2 just for this week to keep that up.  So far so good, I apparently really do need the structure for some reason.   Either that or a drill instructor in the morning yelling at me to run when I'm not following the C25K....

Saturday we went to Lafayette to visit some friends and watch the new Star Trek movie.  We had a great day and the movie was awesome!  I'm not a huge trekkie (I've always been more of a Star Wars girl) but we all really did enjoy the movie.  Plus it had the amazing, Benedict Cumberbatch in it.  Worth it!  We're probably going to try to catch an imax showing of it this weekend.  After the movie, we went back to our friends house and played some Munchkin for the rest of the night!  Chris also through around the topic of getting back to playing some Dungeons and Dragons so we tossed that around and I think we're going to do it!  That will be fun!


Exercise challenge update - 679/1800  Wow, no where near gonna reach that goal this month.  Hoping I can squeeze out at least an even 1000 at this point.

And just because I love you all, here's a giant metal toad, for no apparent reason.  :)

"Hello my baby, hello my darlin'.  Hello my Ragtime Gal..."


  1. I love the smile on your face in those jeans. Awesome work! I think once you hit your goal, you should reward yourself with a Disney trip!

    1. TOTALLY! You know, I just said that very thing to Chris on Saturday morning! Plus, I'd LOVE to run a Disney 5K one of these days!

  2. Woo hoo! Way to go, Des! :)

  3. Great job Desiree! Fitting into smaller pants is an awesome achievement! I love it! Good for you! Keep it up girl, you are totally inspiring!

  4. Total awesomeness!! I'm proud of you and may more of the NSV's keep happening!

  5. Great work!! :) Getting into a smaller size is always the best feeling. Worth every workout and being drenched in sweat. I recently got back into a pair of pants I haven't worn for 2 years so I share in your excitement there!! :D Glad to hear you're back running!! I signed myself up for a 10K in November to keep my motivation up. Maybe in a year or two we'll be training for one of the Disney half marathons. ;) That's my long term goal. I want a princess medal! Keep up the great work!

    1. Yes!!! How awesome would it be if we could run one of those together!?

  6. way to go!!!!! You are doing so well :) Keep it up!