Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hump Day update

May has been a complete cluster you-know-what.  Exercise still has been sporatic, at best. 
Not exactly my best effort this month...
I did manage about 2 hours worth of yard work that I counted, even though Endomondo doesn't that happened on Saturday.  Between hauling mulch and weeding, I was sweating buckets.  I am back with the running too.  I'm up to week 3 on C25K although I am to be starting it late this week.  I'll do at least 2 days and then start fresh on either Week 4 or 5 probably starting on Tuesday. 

I guess there is some good news at least.  I am down the 2.8 pounds I had gained the week before.  I'm back at 201.6 as of this morning.  That's not my lowest, but I plan on getting back on track starting today after work especially with the exercise and now that Devyn's birthday and Memorial day are out of the way.  ONEderland, you are in my sights, next week!

Oh!  I did manage another NSV this week:

My wedding ring doesn't fit on my ring finger anymore.  If my fingers shrink any more, looks like I'll be having to wear it around my neck, just like Frodo.  Sadly my ring does not make me invisible, nor is it evil.  It does have a cute little love poem written in elvish though!


  1. I can relate to May being a struggle for exercise! We had a team challenge at work - and as ultra-competiive as I am I just couldn't get it together. Way to go on getting some exercise in and pressing forward!

    1. Yep! June is a new month! I will do much better next month!