Friday, May 31, 2013

May Exercise Challenge update

I ended up today exactly at 1200/1800.  It wasn't quite as bad as I had feared but at the same time, I didn't get anywhere near my goal.  So, I think next month I'm going to aim a little lower and I think I'll set 1500 as my goal. 

On the plus side, my head is fully back in exercise mode I think.  I'm really, really ready to bust through this plateau and start seeing some scale movement again.  I've been inspired since the pant size loss (down to size 18... not in the 20s!!!!) And I think I will REALLY be inspired if I see a number that does not begin with a 2!  This is how the scale has been for me this past month: 

Yesterday, my mom joined me at the gym.  Since I did weights the day before, I just did the elliptical.  It went pretty well.  I'm amazed the difference in the one that I have at home versus the ones at the gym.  The one at home is much harder, so I think I pushed myself a little faster on the gym one.  This is how I ended up with after 50 minutes on the elliptical yesterday.  And an additional moment of silence because apparently Seymour, my favorite elliptical, is still broken at the gym.

Not too shabby.  Almost 3 and a half miles!  When I get home I decided to treat myself to a Blueberry Muffin Protein shake.  It was delicious!

I think the wifi is messed up at the YMCA that I go to so I wasn't able to watch the next episode of Doctor Who at the gym.  Instead I just listened to music that I have on my phone.  This is one of my all time favorite songs that gets me pumped up.  I love it when this song comes up on my playlist while I'm working out.  It really gets the blood flowing!

Do you have any favorite songs to work out too?  What are some of your favorites?


  1. Lose Yourself is one of my favorites too. I really like Britney Spears, Piece of Me since people say crap about how I'm too fat or too thin at different points in my life. I like Defying Gravity and Running on Empty during long runs. :)

    1. Yea, I've got a couple more of my run themed songs that I use but they don't usually pump me up as good as Eminem does!