Thursday, May 2, 2013

Throwback Thursday

I've seen a few blogs do this so I thought I'd share a few oldie pics of me.  It's been "interesting" going back and choosing these pics to see how much I've changed.  Oh to be so young and foolish and not care what I eat!

I'll try to go in date order here.  1st pic is me in 4th grade.  Pretty sure I was the skinniest one on the team.  I was premature as a baby, so I was actually always behind everyone growing up and was quite skinny and gangly.

The next series of pics are from me in High School, circa '88-'92.  I distinctly remember wearing a size 0 Freshman year.  The pic of the TWIRP dance, I was in a size 3. 
I'm in the middle

In the very center again.

Now we come to the ex-husband era.  Notice I'm still relatively skinny here.  I guess being miserable did wonders for my figure.

Now the Chris era.  Happiness and just contentment so the pounds just piled on. 

Looking at these just makes me more determined to get back to where I was.  I can absolutely say without hesitation that I never, ever will go back to this again:


  1. Happiness and contentment did the same thing when I met my husband! Damn feeling safe and secure! :) You are looking great and can do it!! Let's get you back in those tiny pants!

  2. I looking at old pics.Reminds me what I've done, cazy things I thought, and helps me plan my future better. You're a roll so far, and as long as you stay focused you'll be meet your goal in no time!