Friday, June 14, 2013

Stay-cations and refridgerator woes

Life has been so crazy this week.  I've only managed just a couple of days of exercise and I'm VERY much looking forward to getting this day over with.  Chris and I are having a staycation.  And it is very much needed!

The stay-cation didn't actually start out as one though.  We were orginally planning to go to Dallas to a concert.  Not just a concert, 2 of our all time favorite bands at the same time.  Barenaked Ladies and Ben Folds Five.  I'm still really sad we are going to miss it.  We had just paid off all of our credit cards recently, and were going to pay for this trip with cash but a few things have popped up here lately that has caused us to blow through our savings and have to actually hit a credit card once more.  First off was Buzz and his vet bills, then our lawnmower broke about 3 weeks ago.  We were able to fortunately pay for those with cash that we had saved in our emergency/Dallas fund.  And then we get to last Sunday.  I had went to a movie with Dev and when I get out, I noticed Chris sent a text.... "Fridge died, bringing all the cold/freezer stuff to my parents."  <sigh>  After getting a repairman out to give us an estimate, it turns out it was the compressor and we were quoted about $700 to fix it.  Of course, we had to pay the guy for the estimate as well, and at that point we decided that new fridges don't cost much more than that, so we may as well get a new one.  So that's where the credit card had to get used.   The sad fact of the matter was that our fridge was only 3 years old and a Maytag. 

And the worst part about the fridge being dead... all I have wanted this whole week was a glass of milk.  I think just because I can't have it, that's all I can think about and want.  I miss my grapes too.  And dare I say it, I'm actually really tired of eating out so much this week.  I'm missing my home cooked meals.  It just seems like too much of a hastle to go by his parent's house to get just what we need to fix for one meal then to bring it back home and cook.  So we've been eating out.... a lot.

And in the midst of this week from Hades, we also had a wake and a funeral to attend.  My aunt's father passed away and he was such a wonderful man.  World War 2 Vet and POW and just truly one of the best men I have had the honor to know. 

One small bright spot this week, well, ok a couple actually.  I'm still running more regularly than before.  I'm up to 5 minute stretches again and those felt good.  I've been doing about 3 or 4 5 min intervals then about a 2 min walk in between.

Next huge development.  On Tuesday, this happened.....

Sadly, I haven't seen it since on the scale but not suprising given all the eating out we've been doing.

Oh and I thought I'd update with some ONEderland pics

I'm starting to see a figure!  I wasn't even sucking in the gut either.  :)

And here's a Loki pic of the week.  He's my photogenic cat.

So my plans for next week are these.. 1) Enjoy spending time with hubby and relaxing.  2)  MAN OF STEEL!  Y'all seriously, I am the biggest Superman nerd.  I simply cannot wait.  I'm with Superman like Chris is with Batman and if you know Chris, you know how much of a big deal that is.  I can't wait!  I've got my Superman tshirt ready and my undies too.  Yes, I have superman undies.  :P   We are going to see it tomorrow in IMAX and 3D.  So excited... SQUEEEEE!  3) Clean the heck out of the house.  I'm planning on doing the unconventional stuff that I never had time to do on normal weekends.. baseboards, windows, toilets.  All that fun stuff.  4) The Last of Us video game comes out.  We'll be doing that a good bit I suspect too.  5) Next weekend, we are getting back into playing Dungeons and Dragons again.  Chris is going to give Dungeon Mastering a whirl!  So I'm really looking forward to visiting with friends and doing that next weekend. 6) Exercise.  Yep, that's getting done too. 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  I'm so ready for this staycation to start, It's not even funny!

June Exercise challenge ----  
520/1500  (need to kick it in gear, still not doing too bad though..)


  1. I am so happy for you making it to ONEderland!! I knew you could do it and you're looking awesome! I understand fully when things go wrong they really go wrong, but it sucks about missing the concerts. Have a great time at the movies and enjoy your staycation!

    1. Thanks! I don't know why this stuff always happens at once! Hate that! Oh well, I suppose that's how it goes!

  2. Girl, you look amazing!!! That tank top really shows all your progress, wow! SOO happy for your making it to ONEDERLAND!! So awesome :) I am so proud of you and happy for you:) Sorry about all the crappy stuff though, that sucks. Boooo!!! Hope your stay-cation looks up!!! Congrats again!