Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Florida vacation

Hi everyone!

I'm finally back from our vacation.  We had a fantastic trip and I'm already missing being there.  I sure wish we could have stayed longer.  But, back to reality today!   

I'm REALLY proud that I got in a ton of exercise on my trip.  Something that I never, ever would have done before but every single day except one, I did a considerable amount of exercise.  I guess I needed to, just to compensate for the eating and the drinking! 

Exercise breakdown for the week -
7/17 - 20 min run, 30 min walk, 40 min swim
7/18 - 60 min walk
7/19 - 51 min run
7/20 - 87 min walk (hills, hills, omg HILLS!)
7/21 - 87 min walk

We left out early Wednesday morning around 7 am.  My dad had it in his head that he really wanted to drive up the coast all the way into Florida and it turned out to be a really nice change of pace from the Interstate the entire way.  But by the time we left, I'm glad we did take the interstate back.  I was ready to get home and see Devyn and my kitty cats.

Now for just a few pics...

A nice walk along the beach!  I could totally get used to this!

The view from my Aunt and Uncle's house in Brooksville, Fl

Aunt's doggie, Romeo.  He is the sweetest dog! 

Did I mention that there were tons of hills?  This was one of the views downhill from one of Chris and my walks


This was very good! Glad I found it and was able to try it!

We had a really nice time but I am glad to be back.  I'm actually looking forward to a few home-cooked meals now.  And back to my normal routine!

July exercise challenge -  1416/1500


  1. Awesome!! You are about to blow right past your 1500 goal for July!!!!

    1. Yep! I think this may be the first time I've actually hit it and then some! :D

  2. That is super awesome you workes out on your holiday. Yippe