Saturday, August 31, 2013

August Recap

August (despite an injury and a stomach bug) has really been a good month for me.  I started the month weighing 197 and as of this morning, I'm 191.2.  So almost 6 pounds is not too shabby if I do say so myself.  Especially considering it seems like it took me 2 months to lose that amount (From the end of May to the end of July) before.  Hopefully that means we have momentum again!

I didn't quite hit my exercise minutes this month but I'm not too upset about it.  I worked hard for the most part stayed on point with the food.  Even with the Achillies issue, on those days I didn't exercise, I made sure that I was within my calorie range. 

So I'm working on this blog post and sitting on the couch watching some college football.  And something that reminds me just how far I've come just happened.  Even last year, each game, Chris and I would get a dozen cake squares from Baum's Bakery and we would sit and eat the entire box.  That's 6 squares a piece! Every Saturday!  We still do indulge from time to time (mostly during Dungeons and Dragon's nights), but no where near like we used to with it.  Now I will be happy with just one. 


I'm thinking of some goals for September.  I'm hoping to get at least 2 - 3 runs in a week (again) and then continue with the cardio/strength the rest of the time.  Why buck the system that seems to be working, eh?  I'm also hoping to start adding some tennis into the mix provided I can find someone to do it with me.  If not, I will see about some lessons and maybe meet some people doing it that way. 

I'm finally noticing some definition going on with my face.  Here's a shameless selfie plug with me and Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) from early December of last year:

This is from the beginning of July:

And this is from Thursday:

August Exercise Minutes Total - 1306/1600 

Friday, August 30, 2013

A rant about Women's Sizes

I am a HUGE college sports fan.  LSU specifically (Geaux Tigers!).  I love it all.  Basketball (Men's and Women's), football, softball, baseball.   So since football season has FINALLY gotten here, I knew that I would need to purchase some more t-shirts.  And honestly, y'all know how much I like my t-shirts...

Plus, losing weight is a good enough excuse, right?

This is my old shirt that was actually too tight on me 2 years ago.  And now that it's faded, I was just looking for a good excuse to come along to get some more LSU gear.  This is an XL Adult size:

Loki says, "Work it, girl!"

It still fits pretty well, so I will definitely keep it in the rotation.

I went to a local sports store here and to be honest, I really don't like to clothes shop.  Ever.  So I tried the "hold-it-up-against-me-to-see-if-it-looked-like-it-would-fit" method.  I ended up grabbing 2 shirts that looked cute, paid the man, and exited and went on my merry way.  8 minutes and I was outta there.  I know that there is a lesson somewhere in this paragraph that I need to learn, but apparently I am immune to it.  

I think the main deal is that I just don't like trying on clothes.  It was such a source of a downward spiral that would lead to a full blown depression that even today, I try to avoid doing it at all costs.  And I guess, I can justify it in my mind and think, well, if it doesn't fit, I can either bring it back or just wait around until I can wear it. 

So back to the actual topic at hand and venting about women's sizes before I go off on a tangent.  I picked up the 2 shirts and they looked like they would fit.  I got home to try them on and this happened:

sad face :(

This is a Women's Large.  Adorable and vintage Tiger t-shirt that I absolutely love.   Too tight and the muffin top thing is going on .  So, I'll have to wait to wear it.  Loki even disapproves.

I tried this one one next:

Pic at home came out blurry so had to retake it at work...
This is an Adult Medium.  MEDIUM.  And just in case you skimmed... M-E-D-I-U-M!  What the holy crap on a cracker!  I'm in a medium but yet, can't squeeze into a Women's large. 

I think part of the fault lies with the fact that manufacturers want to make every single thing that's branded "Women's" sized to be skin tight.  Seriously?  I am not a stick.  Skin tight will not look good on me for a very, very, very long time, if ever!  If I were not as "blessed" up top either, it may not be quite as bad.  But either way, I'm still bummed that the women's sizes do that to us. 

Until they get this right, I will stick to my loose, flowy clothing and t-shirts that do not make me look like a Stay Puft Marshmellow man.

Here's a pic of my lovely boy "assistant".

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

It was a good day

Had a pretty good day yesterday!  Even though the scale was up a little this morning, it wasn't quite as bad as I had feared.  Only up .8 for today's weigh in .  Not too bad I suppose after not being able to exercise too much last week and the horrible weekend eating. 

After work yesterday, I met with my mom and we went to the gym.  Managed an hour on the Elliptical and watched an episode of Doctor Who.  I had to try to stop myself from laughing out loud though.  I was watching "The Poison Sky" episode and the Doctor has to put on a gas mask.  It cut to a scene with Donna and then back to Ten and he had the mask on and said "Are you my mummy".   It started with a giggle loop that I had to work really hard to stifle.  I'm sure my neighbor on the elliptical next to me must have thought I had lost my mind. 

Eating went pretty good yesterday too.  I was within my range and I stuck with my portions so all in all, it really was a good day!

And here's a silly pic of Doyle to match my mood today. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Technology FTW! And a foot update.

So I caved.  I have a Twitter and an Instagram now!  I mostly tweet my exercises and my blog posts but I'm slowly moving into more social media aspects.  I can see that I am going to like Instagram.  Y'all are forewarned...  There will be cat pictures!

Anyway, if you want to follow me just click on the new little linkys in the upper right hand corner of the blog!

I hopped back on the wagon yesterday and squeezed in an almost 2 mile run.  It felt pretty good and really didn't have any problems.  Chris picked up an ankle brace for me and I'm not sure if it actually caused more problems than it prevented.  It made my foot feel more secure but then as the day wore on, my leg actually started to hurt.  Not sure if that was because of the way I was walking with the ankle brace or what.  I'm not wearing it today and gonna see how it goes.  The game plan for today is elliptical and weights at the gym. 

Sunday we had the most stunning sunset here!  The house had a weird pink glow so I just had to go outside and see what was going on.   My little camera in my phone just doesn't do it justice.  We had a good bit of rain all day Sunday and this is the mix of rainclouds and sunset. 

Oh I also tried the most awful beer ever over the weekend.  I usually am always keen on trying different beer so I was pretty pumped when a friend recommended this one to me.

Doyle just had to photobomb the pic...

I picked it up from Target and didn't really concentrate or look at the 6 pack case.  So had I seen that it had Grapefruit and Ginger in it, I would have immediately put it back.  One sip and I just couldn't do it.  Down the sink it went.  So now I have 5 more bottles taking up fridge space.  Maybe I can find someone else who likes it and will drink it and besides look at all the calories I'm saving.  :)

Speaking of calories, I took a sneak peek at the scale and it looks like I'm up 2 pounds since last week.  Not sure if it's the lack of exercise or my eating habits, which were not that great honestly over the weekend.  Chris and I don't tend to eat regular meals and we also end up either eating only 2 times (especially if we sleep late), or just sort of graze.  We've got to do a better job on the weekends, that's for sure.  And even though for the most part, I stayed within my range,  I really need to make some better choices, food wise and work on portion control again.  I can slowly see my portion sizes creeping back up.

The most exciting news I can come up with this week is that I've signed up for a tennis clinic for newb players on Thursday!  I'm really excited about doing this.  I've always loved tennis but I really have no one in my circle who is interested in playing with me.  Hubby will do it, but it isn't high on his priority list of things he enjoys, so I'd rather just find someone local who would be willing to play from time to time.  I also need a refresher on the mechanics of it all.  I'm nervous and excited at the same time. 

So, if any of you are local to the Baton Rouge area and don't mind chasing some yellow fuzzy balls around a tennis court with me, I'd love to find someone who wants to play once a week or so! 

August Exercise Minutes - 986/1600 (Not gonna hit goal this month.  Last week really set me back).  :(

Saturday, August 24, 2013

My weekend

I decided not to do my run this morning.  My foot was actually starting to improve as of Thursday but then I had to go and do something stupid like mow the grass and now this is how I'm spending my weekend.  I think the mowing with the pushing off motion did me in.

It's actually not as bad as it was yesterday.  I will test the waters on Monday before work and see how it goes but until then, I'm planning on laying off of it as much as I can to get back to 100%.  I also went ahead and called the doctor on Friday.  He (naturally) wasn't in so I spoke with the nurse.  She recommended that either I can wait and see my normal doc, or call and schedule an appointment with my Rheumetologist or recommend an Orthopedic doc.   My Rheumy is my main doc who oversees pretty much all my medical needs since I had the blood clots/DVTs in 2008.  The nurse also called in some meds for me.  I can't take any anti-inflammatory meds, and of course, those are the ones that I need now to help with the foot.  I'm stuck taking either tylenol or lortab, but I don't want to take either to be honest.  If I need it, I will take it but as of now, just laying off the foot.

At least the yard looks decent.

I've been looking at the race pictures that people have been posting in the local running group and it looks like that Zoo run was a lot of fun and they had a record turn out.  So far the weather was nice too.  I'm really sad that I missed it but I can tell you this.  I WILL definitely be doing it next year.  So now, I need to sit and figure out what run I want to do next and go ahead and start planning it.  I'm just ready to get back to a normal schedule and back to exercising.

Chris and I went and watched "The World's End" last night after work.  It was really good!  We enjoyed it but it was a little darker than the other of the Cornetto trilogy (Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz).   We finished up the first season of Sons of Anarchy this morning and watched a little of Orange is the New Black.  Now we're back to SoA.    Yep that's about how exciting my weekend is going to be.

Oz, the crazy kitty got himself into a pickle last night.  During the middle of the night we heard kitty yells.  We woke up and went to investigate.  This is what we saw and how far open Devyn's bathroom door would go.

Less than an inch gap and we could not open the door any further.  He had somehow managed to open both drawers while inside the bathroom and then couldn't manage to get himself out.  This is what it looks like from the other side.
Dramatic recreation minus the traumatized cat
 So when Chris finally managed to get the cabinets shut thru the small gap in the door,  Ozzy was free.  (Chris had to get a screwdriver and slowly shove each drawer back in place.)

Something is not right with that cat.  He is constantly opening drawers and doors.   I tried to snap a pic as we got him free but he wouldn't hold still and embrace the moment.  Oh well.

In other cat related matters, here is Doyle and his daddy napping on the couch.  I really hope Chris doesn't read this.  He will kill me for posting this but it was just too cute.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.  I can honestly say this is pretty awesome, not having much to do and being lazy and in our pj's.  But I'm still itching to get some exercise in.  I feel like I've gained 20 pounds back over this last week.  I know that's not true, the scale is still the same but it just feels that way I guess.  

Anyhoo, back to Sons of Anarchy.

Happy Saturday everyone!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Throwback Thursday and a NSV

Morning guys!

The ankle/foot issue is still there but it does seem to be a bit better this morning.  I still notice it when I walk though. I'm going to make my final decision on whether or not I run in the race tomorrow.  If I'm still feeling it and it's still uncomfortable, will be the deciding factor.   I'm also going to play the gym by ear tonight and I may just go and do weights. I ended up not doing any form of exercise yesterday but I did track my food in My Fitness Pal and was under, so that's something!

I had a nice little NSV today too! My favorite phlebotomist noticed that I was losing!  Even though I'm down 52 pounds, I haven't had very many comments about it so she was one of the few who did notice!  I go in every so often to do bloodwork to check for my coumadin levels and here lately I'm only having to go once a month so maybe that was why, being that she doesn't see me very often. Either way it was a nice little pick-me-up since I've been really bummed about the ankle.

In other ankle related news, since I took a day off from exercise, we did a good job of clearing off the DVR last night!  But I'm really ready for the fall and some of my favorite tv shows to come back.

I was looking through some of my pictures on facebook to find something to post for a Throwback Thursday and came across a couple that I deem worthy of sharing.  :)

High School Graduation - 1992
Disco Retro night
Me and Mr. Skinny Geek Within - 2002
NOCC - 2012, (Hopefully next year, I can fit my whole body in one side of the Tardis..)


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

a weigh in and an injury

Good morning!

I had a pretty good Weigh In this morning.  Down 2.2 this week!  It's really nice to actually see some movement on the scale again.  Let's just hope it just stays consistent! 

 So I did something Monday night while bowling.  I think (according to webmd) that I pulled my Achilles Tendon behind my right foot.  It's been sensitive enough to cause a limp when walking.  I woke up yesterday morning and went for a 30 minute walk just to sort of test the waters.  I did alright but it is still noticeable.  I also went to the gym after work to see if the elliptical would give me a problem.  The elliptical was wonderful.  No issues, nor any pain.  In fact, so much so, that I still managed to do a whole hour. 

But, back to the issue at hand, I'm really kinda freaking out about this.  Again, once I stepped off the elliptical and started walking normal again, the pain resumed.   It's mostly when I flex my foot or at the apex of a step that I feel the discomfort.

I don't want to stop running right now, but at the same time, I'm really scared to chance it.  I've got my Zoo race this Saturday.   I think I will not run for the rest of the week and play Saturday by ear.  I'm glad now that I did get 2 miles in on Monday morning. 

So, here's my WWYD... should I a) completely rest until Saturday  b) only do elliptical and/or light weights at the gym (none involving my right foot) or c) go for a test run tomorrow (Thursday) of only a mile and see how it feels.

Honestly, the though of not exercising scares me more than missing the run.  I know how I am. I miss one day, and that turns into 2 and so on and so on.  I'm at the point now - 9 months in - where I am finally feeling like I'm dedicated to this.  It's gotten to where the exercise is so ingrained that I'm still actually disappointed when Sunday gets here (my normal rest day).  If you would have asked me before November 6th if I would ever have actually wanted to exercise and craved it, I would have looked at you like you grew a second head!  So I guess in a way, that's why I'm so very nervous about this injury.  I don't want to make it worse but at the same time, I don't want to lose all the momentum that I have built up. 

And of course, there is the Zoo Zoom 5K.  I am really looking forward to that one too.  I'd really not want to miss it. 

Ok enough ranting about owies.  I made another protein smoothie yesterday and it was wonderful!

I tweaked one that my friend, Michele from Basically, run! gave me (mainly because I didn't have all the ingredients).

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Protein Smoothie

1 scoop Chocolate Protein Powder
1 cup frozen strawberries
1 tbsp oreo cookies and cream pudding mix (dry)
1 tbsp chocolate pudding mix (dry)
1 cup Almond Milk (Vanilla flavored)
10 cubes ice

It was really, really yummy.  And it appeased that chocolate craving that I was having.

And of course, here's the obligatory cat picture.  If you are a Game of Thrones fan, you will like this.  I made our house Sigil and we have a Doyle Direcat as our mascot.  :)

August Exercise Minutes - 925/1600

How do you handle injuries?  Do you freak out and throw a tantrum (like I did internally, when it happened)?   Rest or keep on moving, albeit within reason?


Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekend roundup

Happy Monday everyone!

I can climb the highest mountain
Cross the wildest sea
I can feel St. Elmo's Fire burnin' in me
Burnin' in me

Maybe it's just heartburn. Ahhh, the 80s, bad hair and even worse lip syncing...

Heard that song on my morning run and now it is stuck in my head. 

We had a pretty awesome weekend!  Friday I texted Chris to see if he wanted to go see Kick-Ass 2 after work.  He replied back and said that he probably wouldn't make the show that we wanted to, so I opted to go ahead and get a walk in.  About 40 minutes into the walk he texted me back and said he was on the way home and we could make the movie if we hurry.   So I headed back home to quickly shower and get ready.  The movie was ok.  The first one was better though.  Afterwards, we ended up going to eat at a local Mexican restaurant, so I'm glad I managed to burn a few calories with my walk at least.  Came home and crashed pretty early.  

Saturday I had my alarm set to get up for 5:30 so I could be out the door and on the road by 6.  The plan was 3 miles and the run went fairly smooth.  We have been having some rain here lately so the road was more or less Goose-poop free.  There were a few spots here and there but not too bad.  It wasn't the minefield that it was just a few days before.  I wanted to see if I could get my 5K in under 45 minutes.  Well, I can tell now that my original goal of this coming Saturday's 5K in under 42 isn't gonna happen.  3.04 miles in 45:02. 

After the run, showered, made my smoothie, ran a couple of errands and got ready to head to our friends house for Dungeons and Dragons.  (I made the Cinnamon Roll protein smoothie and it was quite yummy!)  Halfway there, Chris realized that he forgot our dice so we stopped in Lafayette at a Comic Book/gaming store and picked up some more.  There is no such thing as too many DnD dice apparently.  :)  We played a good bit and had a whole lot of fun.  

We got home around 12:30 or so and crawled into bed.  Not long after, the cats decided to join us and they ended up bringing a few of their "friends" too.  Our poor cats have been fighting fleas for a few weeks.  We have been brushing them with a flea brush fairly regularly until we could pick up some Advantage and a few capstar pills for each of them.  On the way out of town Saturday morning, we picked up the meds from the vet but planned on giving it to them in the morning (Sunday) so we could watch them and make sure everyone was ok.  The flea-a-palooza that happened in the wee hours of Saturday night/Sunday morning.   We were barely in bed when they started to bother us so we got up, gave them the meds, vacuumed and changed our sheets out.  And by then we were wide awake and the cats were going out of their little furry minds because of the meds.  I think Chris and I finally got to sleep around 3ish.

Sunday morning I woke with a terrible headache.  Lack of sleep maybe?  Not sure, needless to say all the plans I had for Sunday went out the window.  Stayed on the couch pretty much all day with the exception of 2 loads of laundry that I had to do.  The house is still a mess, groceries haven't been obtained and I've still got several loads to catch up on too.  Oh well.  I'll get to them at some point.

I did actually manage to get up and get a 2 mile run in this morning.  I actually got both miles under 14:00 minutes so I was pretty happy with that.  I also decided to try a different running app.  Instead of Endomondo, I went with Run Keeper.  I like it due to the fact that it tells you every 5 minutes what your pace is.  I'm going to play with it a bit more and see but so far I like it.  I will still enter my other stuff in Endomondo since it syncs with My Fitness Pal, plus with Endomondo, I can enter my weight training and ellipticals.

And since this is a mostly picture-less post, here's one of Doyle.

August Exercise Minutes - 837/1600

How were you active this weekend?

Thursday, August 15, 2013

NSV linkup

I haven't had any nsv's in a while but I decided to hop on board with a NSV linkup party!  In an ongoing effort to find more like minded blog friends, (hey, one can always use the support!), I decided to jump on in!

I did end up linking my last set of major NSV's on the link party, since those were pretty significant to me anyway!

So if you come in through the link up, please stop by and say hello!  I'd love to check out your pages!


Weigh In update and an a-poo-colypse

Disclaimer - if you are sensitive to the plight of the Canadian Goose and/or of talk of poop, you may want to skip this post!

This weeks weigh in was just "meh".  I'm up .6 of a pound but hopefully that's just attributed to T.O.M.   I've pretty much had a good week eating and with the exercise but since I had a whoosh last week, I may as well settle in and get comfortable with looking at 194 on the scale for the next week or so.  It will really be nice to get into the 180s!

So, remember my post on Saturday about the cute little Geese that I've seen a couple of times on my street?  Well, they are not so cute now. 

It's an A-Poo-Colypse!!!!!!

I know it's hard to see, but if you click on the image... all those blobs in the road.  Poop.  Lots. Of. Poop.

Duck.  Duck. GOOSE!

Now, I normally walk and run up and down this street.  Multiple times and most of these times are in the wee morning hours when it is still dark out.  The lights don't really come on between where the houses end, through the undeveloped properties and the street light comes back toward the end of the block. 

This stretch of area is like a poop minefield. 

Where are the Duck Dynasty people when you need them?  Don't they make Canadian Goose Gumbo or something?

I really want to try to get at least 3 good runs in (and by good runs, I mean 2 + miles or more) before the Zoo Zoom on the 24th.  So, I may need to find an alternate location to run, or *gulp* run in the afternoon.  In August.  In Louisiana.  Just to be able to see and avoid poop.  /sigh

Speaking of Louisiana, how much would this suck? 

I've been thru plenty of hurricanes living here, but never as a runner.  Hopefully this will break apart and not even be a threat though. 

August Exercise minutes - 658/1600

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Social Media and the Skinny Geek

There are so many options nowadays with social media and it can be quite overwhelming.   I've just barely managed to make a facebook page in addition to the blog here.  I think of the blog as my main form of communication but I see so  many of my other friends use twitter, instagram, and pinterest too.

My goal for this blog has always really been about my journey and how I can look back from time to time and read about my struggles and my successes.  I created this for that very reason but it has since grown and now I have a few followers.  (Thank you!  Mwah!)

I consider myself pretty tech-savvy but I have yet to really cross into those other social media outlets.  Sure I have a twitter account for stalking, er, "following" my favorite celebs but I've never really felt the urge to tweet anything.  Pinterest scares the crap out of me because it shows me see all the stuff that I can't possibly do or have time to do, even though the stuff there sure is pretty to look at.  I barely have a grasp on facebook and use it as an alternate to the blog when I want to post something quick or that catches my eye (mostly geek related..)

So this was just something I have been thinking about lately and I wanted to hear some opinions about social media.  I'm not sure yet if I'm going to delve into these other areas, but you never know! 

Do you use other forms of social media?  
How do you find a balance with social media, life in general and exercise? 
Do you think its necessary to utilize all these outlets to  reach out to people?

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Lazy Saturday

Chris and I are having a very low-key weekend.  In fact, I opted for a walk this morning, hit my steps and came back home then showered and now I'm back in my jammies!  And that is exactly how I plan on spending the rest of the day!  :) 

My week has been pretty good so far, I've done well with eating and exercise but now T.O.M. is being a you-know-what.  I'm trying really hard to stay on track food wise, but it's hard when you want to eat all the things!

Thankfully, having done no grocery shopping yet, may work in my favor.   I can't eat what I don't have in the pantry!

Because of that monthly witch, I decided to just walk this morning until I hit my steps instead of my normal run.  It took around an hour and a half, and that was interesting to me since I literally rolled out of bed, and went out to get it done. 

I did get surprised by a few feathery friends this morning too.  I was looking down at my phone and not paying attention when I almost came face to bill with these guys.

Fortunately for them (and me), we left each other alone and I finished my walk relatively goose-free, if you don't count the poop I had to avoid.  Thank goodness I was in the daylight and not in the wee early morning hours like I usually am.  I'm sure I would have not been too pleased having to clean goose poop off of my new shoes.

Oh, I also finally did some comparison shots in the same shirt.  Amazing to think how I used to think that shirt actually fit.

In the first pic I was around 244 and in a size 22-24 pant size, 2X shirt.  Currently I am 194 and in a 16-18 and a Large/XL shirt.  So progress has definitely been made, slowly but surely!

I guess I'll wrap this up, Chris and I are cleaning out our DVR today by getting caught up on The Newsroom and Falling Skies, then we may watch some Sons of Anarchy!  OH!!  I watched the episode Fires of Pompeii yesterday while on the elliptical at the gym and now I'm pretty psyched to get through some Donna episodes of Doctor Who.  And of course, I'm so ready for November to get here and some new episodes of Who and to see my favorite Doctor again! 

Loki wanted to tell you guys hello. 

And now, he and I plan on cuddling the rest of the day.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  This is my plan for the rest of the day!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

9 months in and a milestone achieved

Today is my 9 month anniversary of this whole weight loss/lifestyle change!  How did I celebrate this morning?  By running 2 miles in 96% humidity!   At 5:30 in the morning, it is just ridiculous to be that hot.  And because it was so humid I was struggling with each and every step.  But, I finally got it done at least.

Robert Smith speaks the truth!

I also hit a pretty major milestone on the scale this morning! 
194.0 - finally scale movement!
 But the most important thing that the number means is.....

Holy Carp, I'm down 50#! 

I googled a couple of things that also weigh 50 pounds and was pretty surprised at a few of the results. 
  • A small bale of hay
  • An English Bulldog
  • A large bag of dog food
  • $200 in quarters
I'm sitting here and I'm remembering what 50 pounds felt like.  Remembering how I struggled to tie my shoes and how uncomfortable I was doing every day activities.  Remembering how much I hated not being able to find clothes and not to mention how clothes shopping for would escalate into full blown depression.   I remember wanting so desperately to lose weight and keep it off and that if I did, I would be so happy.  I've since learned along this journey that it's not the weight that will make me happy.  I'm slowly realizing that I'm doing this for me and only me and that has made me come to terms that I'm worth it.  This new found self worth is what is making me happy. 

If I'm sad, angry or upset, instead of dwelling on it, like I used to, I'm finding that if I go for a run or get on the elliptical that my mood instantly changes.  Sure the worry is still there, but everything else just melts away and its actually calming and zen-like.

And also realizing that I never, ever want to get back to that point. 

Here are some things that I'm pretty proud of that have happened since November 7th, 2012, some pretty major, others minor but still noteworthy:

  • I can actually sit on the floor now and get up relatively easy.
  • I ran 2 official 5K races and I'm about to run my 3rd in 2 weeks
  • I ran 4 miles at once, nonstop and it took an hour but I ran every single step
  • Stamina, I have stamina now!  I can do an hour on the elliptical and not think twice about it.  I could probably do more, but that would be overkill, I suppose! 
  • I have been soda free!
Ok so that is about all I can come up with now, but I'm sure there are more!

August Exercise Challenge -  250/1600