Wednesday, August 7, 2013

9 months in and a milestone achieved

Today is my 9 month anniversary of this whole weight loss/lifestyle change!  How did I celebrate this morning?  By running 2 miles in 96% humidity!   At 5:30 in the morning, it is just ridiculous to be that hot.  And because it was so humid I was struggling with each and every step.  But, I finally got it done at least.

Robert Smith speaks the truth!

I also hit a pretty major milestone on the scale this morning! 
194.0 - finally scale movement!
 But the most important thing that the number means is.....

Holy Carp, I'm down 50#! 

I googled a couple of things that also weigh 50 pounds and was pretty surprised at a few of the results. 
  • A small bale of hay
  • An English Bulldog
  • A large bag of dog food
  • $200 in quarters
I'm sitting here and I'm remembering what 50 pounds felt like.  Remembering how I struggled to tie my shoes and how uncomfortable I was doing every day activities.  Remembering how much I hated not being able to find clothes and not to mention how clothes shopping for would escalate into full blown depression.   I remember wanting so desperately to lose weight and keep it off and that if I did, I would be so happy.  I've since learned along this journey that it's not the weight that will make me happy.  I'm slowly realizing that I'm doing this for me and only me and that has made me come to terms that I'm worth it.  This new found self worth is what is making me happy. 

If I'm sad, angry or upset, instead of dwelling on it, like I used to, I'm finding that if I go for a run or get on the elliptical that my mood instantly changes.  Sure the worry is still there, but everything else just melts away and its actually calming and zen-like.

And also realizing that I never, ever want to get back to that point. 

Here are some things that I'm pretty proud of that have happened since November 7th, 2012, some pretty major, others minor but still noteworthy:

  • I can actually sit on the floor now and get up relatively easy.
  • I ran 2 official 5K races and I'm about to run my 3rd in 2 weeks
  • I ran 4 miles at once, nonstop and it took an hour but I ran every single step
  • Stamina, I have stamina now!  I can do an hour on the elliptical and not think twice about it.  I could probably do more, but that would be overkill, I suppose! 
  • I have been soda free!
Ok so that is about all I can come up with now, but I'm sure there are more!

August Exercise Challenge -  250/1600


  1. Wayyy to go girl.
    You are doing so well..xoxo

  2. Congrats! That is so awesome! You're motivating me to sign up for a strength class tonight :)

  3. You look FANTASTIC!! Way to go! The best thing is how much better you feel!

  4. Woooooohooo, Desiree! This is awesome! (I may or may not have just spent quite a bit of time binge-reading your entire blog...YAY FOR NERDY GIRLS!) Thanks for reading mine too--it's so great to know you have supporters out there. Can't wait to see what's left for us on this journey! Keep it up!

  5. That is SOOOOOO wonderful. You go girl and keep going! A true inspiration. No fad diets, no pills no surgery just good old hard work. HUGS and I'm celebrating with you.

    1. Aww thank you so much! Enjoy one of those delicious brownies for me that look so yummy on your page!

  6. Major congrats to you---so inspiring!

  7. Second the above comment! So happy that you're reached this milestone -and great job on the runs! I 've imagined running a 5k,but never actually done it in real life. Good luck on your next race!

  8. 9 months, awesome weight loss, 2 miles...the only thing I don't like about all these numbers is the 96% humidity. Congrats on an awesome job! Keep up the great work!! :0)

  9. Congrats!!! Awesome achievement!!!