Thursday, August 15, 2013

NSV linkup

I haven't had any nsv's in a while but I decided to hop on board with a NSV linkup party!  In an ongoing effort to find more like minded blog friends, (hey, one can always use the support!), I decided to jump on in!

I did end up linking my last set of major NSV's on the link party, since those were pretty significant to me anyway!

So if you come in through the link up, please stop by and say hello!  I'd love to check out your pages!



  1. Oh fun!! Thanks for sharing this link party! I am joining in! I hope you have a great Friday! XOXO - Emily

  2. have a great weekend. I have not had a nsv/or a sv in awhile. Iam to blame I know.
    Desire, you are absolutely motivating. :)