Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekend roundup

Happy Monday everyone!

I can climb the highest mountain
Cross the wildest sea
I can feel St. Elmo's Fire burnin' in me
Burnin' in me

Maybe it's just heartburn. Ahhh, the 80s, bad hair and even worse lip syncing...

Heard that song on my morning run and now it is stuck in my head. 

We had a pretty awesome weekend!  Friday I texted Chris to see if he wanted to go see Kick-Ass 2 after work.  He replied back and said that he probably wouldn't make the show that we wanted to, so I opted to go ahead and get a walk in.  About 40 minutes into the walk he texted me back and said he was on the way home and we could make the movie if we hurry.   So I headed back home to quickly shower and get ready.  The movie was ok.  The first one was better though.  Afterwards, we ended up going to eat at a local Mexican restaurant, so I'm glad I managed to burn a few calories with my walk at least.  Came home and crashed pretty early.  

Saturday I had my alarm set to get up for 5:30 so I could be out the door and on the road by 6.  The plan was 3 miles and the run went fairly smooth.  We have been having some rain here lately so the road was more or less Goose-poop free.  There were a few spots here and there but not too bad.  It wasn't the minefield that it was just a few days before.  I wanted to see if I could get my 5K in under 45 minutes.  Well, I can tell now that my original goal of this coming Saturday's 5K in under 42 isn't gonna happen.  3.04 miles in 45:02. 

After the run, showered, made my smoothie, ran a couple of errands and got ready to head to our friends house for Dungeons and Dragons.  (I made the Cinnamon Roll protein smoothie and it was quite yummy!)  Halfway there, Chris realized that he forgot our dice so we stopped in Lafayette at a Comic Book/gaming store and picked up some more.  There is no such thing as too many DnD dice apparently.  :)  We played a good bit and had a whole lot of fun.  

We got home around 12:30 or so and crawled into bed.  Not long after, the cats decided to join us and they ended up bringing a few of their "friends" too.  Our poor cats have been fighting fleas for a few weeks.  We have been brushing them with a flea brush fairly regularly until we could pick up some Advantage and a few capstar pills for each of them.  On the way out of town Saturday morning, we picked up the meds from the vet but planned on giving it to them in the morning (Sunday) so we could watch them and make sure everyone was ok.  The flea-a-palooza that happened in the wee hours of Saturday night/Sunday morning.   We were barely in bed when they started to bother us so we got up, gave them the meds, vacuumed and changed our sheets out.  And by then we were wide awake and the cats were going out of their little furry minds because of the meds.  I think Chris and I finally got to sleep around 3ish.

Sunday morning I woke with a terrible headache.  Lack of sleep maybe?  Not sure, needless to say all the plans I had for Sunday went out the window.  Stayed on the couch pretty much all day with the exception of 2 loads of laundry that I had to do.  The house is still a mess, groceries haven't been obtained and I've still got several loads to catch up on too.  Oh well.  I'll get to them at some point.

I did actually manage to get up and get a 2 mile run in this morning.  I actually got both miles under 14:00 minutes so I was pretty happy with that.  I also decided to try a different running app.  Instead of Endomondo, I went with Run Keeper.  I like it due to the fact that it tells you every 5 minutes what your pace is.  I'm going to play with it a bit more and see but so far I like it.  I will still enter my other stuff in Endomondo since it syncs with My Fitness Pal, plus with Endomondo, I can enter my weight training and ellipticals.

And since this is a mostly picture-less post, here's one of Doyle.

August Exercise Minutes - 837/1600

How were you active this weekend?


  1. My active activity was walking around Ikea. It was a pretty lazy weekend for me. Glad your kitties got some relief! Our cat goes nuts too with flea meds :\

    1. Sometimes we just need those types of weekends!

      Yea, Doyle and Loki ran around like crazy fools, but Oz just kinda took it in stride. Glad we got it taken care of. I felt bad every time they went to scratch!

  2. What a cute kitty! And woohoo for you fitting activity in! You're right, there is NO such thing as too many dice. We got at least 2 more sets at gencon this weekend. It was awesome!

  3. You are doing so well. If I had some energy and it wasn't raining everyday I might go for a walk too. bleck

    1. Yea, we are getting the rain in the afternoons now too. I try to go early in the am before work or just hit the gym after.