Thursday, August 15, 2013

Weigh In update and an a-poo-colypse

Disclaimer - if you are sensitive to the plight of the Canadian Goose and/or of talk of poop, you may want to skip this post!

This weeks weigh in was just "meh".  I'm up .6 of a pound but hopefully that's just attributed to T.O.M.   I've pretty much had a good week eating and with the exercise but since I had a whoosh last week, I may as well settle in and get comfortable with looking at 194 on the scale for the next week or so.  It will really be nice to get into the 180s!

So, remember my post on Saturday about the cute little Geese that I've seen a couple of times on my street?  Well, they are not so cute now. 

It's an A-Poo-Colypse!!!!!!

I know it's hard to see, but if you click on the image... all those blobs in the road.  Poop.  Lots. Of. Poop.

Duck.  Duck. GOOSE!

Now, I normally walk and run up and down this street.  Multiple times and most of these times are in the wee morning hours when it is still dark out.  The lights don't really come on between where the houses end, through the undeveloped properties and the street light comes back toward the end of the block. 

This stretch of area is like a poop minefield. 

Where are the Duck Dynasty people when you need them?  Don't they make Canadian Goose Gumbo or something?

I really want to try to get at least 3 good runs in (and by good runs, I mean 2 + miles or more) before the Zoo Zoom on the 24th.  So, I may need to find an alternate location to run, or *gulp* run in the afternoon.  In August.  In Louisiana.  Just to be able to see and avoid poop.  /sigh

Speaking of Louisiana, how much would this suck? 

I've been thru plenty of hurricanes living here, but never as a runner.  Hopefully this will break apart and not even be a threat though. 

August Exercise minutes - 658/1600


  1. I never had a problem with geese until I was attacked totally unprovoked! Now I have a strict policy of hating them. Good luck avoiding them and their poop!!!

    1. Yea, I had no problem with them in theory, but when goose poop gets on my new shoes, well then we have a big, big problem! LOL

  2. Those geese stalk me!! I swear they are everywhere, lol. I carry mace with me and I wonder if it works on the geese just in case they decide to gang up and attack one day, lol. They're massive! Be careful dodging the excrement!

    1. Hmm mace may not be a bad idea. Thankfully we haven't had any confrontations.. yet.

  3. OMG goose poop! We have geese ALL over the campus where I work, and we constantly have to watch where we step as well! Booooo!