Monday, September 9, 2013

A case of the blergs

My weekend was pretty much full of the blergs.  I was lazy, grumpy and irritable.  With a few shining moments here and there though. 

Friday afternoon, I met my mom at the gym.  I didn't really feel like doing a whole lot though so I opted to do weights that day.   At this point I had originally planned to get up early Saturday morning and get a run in before mom and I went to go to a wake/funeral.  I knew we would miss going to the gym early the next day, so I just figured I'd do the weights and get the cardio in in the morning.  What I hadn't planned on was not being able to sleep Friday night.

This sort of set the course for the rest of my whole weekend.  I love my husband.  I truly do.  But Oh. Em. Gee.  The snoring is getting out of hand.   I had earplugs in and moved to the living room couch, and still had a hard time sleeping.  I'm not sure if I'm just turning into a super light sleeper now or what but something is gonna have to give here.  When I finally did get to sleep at some point in the wee hours of Saturday morning, I slept right on through my running alarm and didn't wake up until 8am.  (That's unusually late for me).  And my mom was planning on picking me up at my house at 8:30.   So I hurried up and showered and got dressed to go to the funeral.  Afterwards, mom dropped me off and all I wanted to do at that point was laze around.  We did end up making our grocery list and wrote down our meals for the week, then headed to the store around 11.  After the store, Chris remembered that he had been wanting to take me to this new burger joint in town.  So no exercise for me and he wants me to eat a burger too!  Ugh.   Maybe I just wasn't feeling it but it was just ok.  I think the beer that I had may have ruined the burger for me.  The beer was from a local brewery and had such a weird after-taste that it was kind of overpowering.    I'll have to go back again and next time not have a beer just to see if the burger is decent. 

After the burger, I really didn't want to do anything but we still needed to go check on my aunt's dog and feed her while Aunt D was at the football game.  So we went and tended to Daisy T. Dog, fed her, gave her appropriate belly rubs and walked her for a bit.  Then we finally headed home.  I got in my jammies and that's where I stayed the rest of the day while I watched my Tigers play.

Sunday started out no better.  I just was not feeling like doing anything.  And (T.O.M alert...) my period is looming on the horizon so I'm sure that didn't help my mood any.    I think the only reason I got any sleep Saturday night was because Chris stayed up playing video games until around 4.  Guess what time I woke up on Sunday?   Yep.  4:30. A.M.  To Snoring. 

I finally got up, got dressed and started doing some house cleaning, laundry and all that fun stuff.  Chris shuffled out of bed around 9:30.  I asked him if he felt rested (cause I knew that there is no way that he could be!)  and gently suggested that it may be time to go see a doctor about it.  He agreed. (yay!)

We talked for a bit more and I told him how I was just not feeling like doing anything this weekend and he suggested that we can go hit some tennis balls around.   For him to suggest that, means a lot.  I know that's not his cup of tea, so to speak, but the fact that he was willing is awesome!   So we got ready and got our gear lined up and headed out the door.  We tried a newly remodeled park near our house and it turned out to be a really nice day.  We volleyed a bit and he also threw some to me so that I could work on my forehand and backhand swings.   He told me afterwards that he actually had fun and would be willing to do it again!  Suuuuuure!  Don't have to tell me twice!  ;)    He's also looking into maybe starting to walk with me for a bit in the evenings and also looking into taking some swimming lessons.  So I'm hoping that this means that he is starting to want to do this whole weight loss thing and join the journey with me!   Baby steps, I know... but it is something!

And maybe, just maybe, him losing will help with the snoring!  My sanity may yet depend on it!

And a little disclaimer about Chris. He's perfect for me.  He really is.  He is my very definition of soulmate and I love him dearly.  He supports me in just about everything and I wouldn't change one single thing about him.  He really is my rock.   So when I complain about something like me not sleeping because of his snoring, it really isn't directed towards him.  (Although, yes I do agree that he needs to get it checked out).  So just in case you are reading this, honey, I love you!   

Despite the lack of sleep, the going out and playing tennis and just hanging out with him really ended up turning my weekend around and it ended on a much better note!


  1. I feel you on the snoring! When I first started dating my now husband, his snoring was so bad and he stopped breathing sometimes so I made him go do a sleep study. Turns out, he has pretty severe sleep apnea, he only gets about 10% of the oxygen he needs at night! He was prescribed a CPAP machine and we have been blissfully sleeping since (well, as much as we can with a toddler). If you've ever notice that he stops breathing or he's exhausted throughout the day, he could have it too and it would be important to get it checked out! Good luck! ;)

    1. Aww bless your hubby's heart. How well does he sleep with the machine? Is the machine very loud?

  2. OMG I love that Liz Lemon montage!!! It is hilarious...she is so great. I'm glad that your hubby suggested tennis--what a nice way to turn your weekend around!