Monday, September 30, 2013

Pumpkin overkill and a decent run

I think Chris is finally putting his foot down.  We went to the store this weekend and I grabbed several of the fall Glade Plug Ins (Pumpkin Spice and Apple Cinnamon) in addition to a Pumpkin candle.  So I went on a refill expedition yesterday but by 6 pm he was so grossed out that he went behind me and unplugged every single one of them.   Sheesh, some people!  (I may or may not have plugged them all back in this morning after he left for work...)

I actually managed to get up this morning and get a run under my belt before work.  And I was only 1 minute late, so seriously that is a huge accomplishment for me.  Usually on the mornings that I do actually get up and run, I am at around a 10-minute-late-to-work-average.   As far as the run itself.  I did feel a little sluggish but overall the run was decent.  My pace has normally been sub 14 minutes for the first mile and then 14+ thereafter so you can see the sluggishness in my pace. 

Excuse the pained expression and baggy eyes.  I blame waking up at 4:45...

Stay tuned, I'm still working on a picture post from my day in NOLA!

Final September Exercise Minutes tally - 1257/1500

Goal for October - 1500 (Gonna try to hit 1500 again)


  1. I am sooooo slugish when i run in the morning! It feels like I have a weighted vest on.

    1. Yea, I'm not sure why, I usually feel better but yesterday was also my first run in about a week. That may have something to do with it.

  2. Great job getting out there and getting your run in! I managed to do mine this morning too! Yay us!