Friday, September 6, 2013

Tennis fun

Yesterday was a busy but fun day!  After work, mom came over and we went to the gym.  I knew that if the weather was bad, that would I need to get some form of cardio in so I did my usual 45 minutes on the elliptical.  Came home after and shoveled down a Cake Batter protein smoothie since there was no time to eat dinner beforehand.

Since last week's stomach bug or whatever it was, I was so disappointed that I missed out on the Tennis Clinic the Thursday before last.  And last night wasn't looking too promising either at first. We had a pretty bad thunderstorm roll through and I knew that the director of the Tennis Center would cancel the session if it was raining (I had emailed him earlier to ask him just that...).  The skies had cleared just enough around 6:30 so I made the ultimate decision to go ahead and head to the center a bit early.  I wasn't sure how traffic would be. 

I'm usually really, really on time for places or really, really last minute.  This time around I was really early.  I ended up being about 40 minutes earlier than the start time of 7:30.  So I doddled around in the truckster and played some Candy Crush to kill some time.  Finally around 7:15, I made my way over to the Pro Shop where I would meet the group for the New Player's Clinic.   As I was walking from my car across the little bridge, I ran across my arch-enemies...

"Honk, we will keel you, Desireé!"

I met up with Ronnie, the YMCA director for Tennis at the pro shop and paid my money.  Turns out I was the only one that showed up, so it ended up being a private lesson!  Score!  He went over the basics with me and for the next hour, we went over form, arm position and ran some forehand drills, backhand drills, volleys and over-hand smashes (those are my favorite.. I kept pretending and visualizing that I was aiming for Canadian Geese...)  *disclaimer - I'm really not a violent person and I truly do love all animals * .... (...with the exception of snakes, spiders, and Canadian Geese). 

Apparently, all the time that I've been playing casual tennis, I've been holding the racket incorrectly.  He gave me some homework to do - practice forehand and backhand in a mirror 50 times each. 

Anyway, back to the lesson.  We went through each of the above mentioned drills and before I knew it, an hour was up and I was drenched.  My foot/ankle felt good and there were no problems there.  It was so much fun and I had an absolute blast!  I asked Ronnie what's next and he said I can just keep showing up for the clinics. 

There won't be another league until the Spring, so until then I plan on working on form and just practicing.   There are also some round-robins/practice sessions I can sign up for that happen on Saturday mornings that I may start checking out soon.  And if I can't find anyone to play with, Chris did say that he would throw some tennis balls for me to hit.  But we will see!  There is also something called "Cardio Tennis" that looks like it may be a fun way to burn some calories too. 

Yep, that was quite a workout!

So, as it stands, I might have found my "thing".  I tolerate running.  I like the elliptical.  But I think I LOVE tennis.   And since I can't really do anything like play basketball or softball anymore since they are considered contact sports and that's a big no-no for me according to my doctor, I can easily see this becoming a habit for me.  I enjoyed it so much!

And since this post has been cat-less, here's a pic of Ozzy, just because!  :)

What is your favorite sport?  Do you make the time to play it?

September Exercise Minutes - 374/1500


  1. Wow that's an impressive amount of exercise, and yay for finding something you love!

  2. Running really is my favorite sport. When I think of what I loved most about all the sports I did as a child and teenager (soccer, crew, karate), my favorite part was the running. I even asked to be a midfielder in soccer so I could just sprint from one end of the field to the other all game long. Glad you found something you love and I'm with you on the Geese, nasty mean things...

    1. Yea, I still run, because well I have to. I've not had nearly as much progress as I have had without doing it so I just have to throw the things I love into the mix from time to time too.

  3. I've played tennis a few times and REALLY enjoyed it. I keep meaning to sign up every summer for lessons and then I never do. I think I need to!

  4. Tennis is also my favorite sport! I played it when I was younger and really miss it a lot. Maybe I'll do a tennis clinic sometime--sounds great!! :) And btw, I HATE geese too. They're all over our campus and all they do is POOP everywhere!!

    1. Yes, I really enjoyed it too. I'm definitely looking forward to going again. Chris and I went and practiced a bit this weekend so maybe we can do that some more too.

      Yes, the geese are evil, vile little creatures. Check out my link from above about the A-Poo-colypse.

  5. Seems like you had quite a sweaty workout :).
    U look really thin by the way.

  6. LOL on the geese. I swear if they are within a mile and I go outside, they find me! Freaks me out.
    Love the kitty.
    I used to play tennis when I was YOUNG and enjoyed it. I'm talking like 10-13
    No sports these days. But I do need something to make me sweat like that. SCORE private lesson for the price of a clinic!! WIN WIN girl

    1. Yea, the geese are officially my nemesis. I'm really enjoying the tennis. I can't wait until tomorrow! And Chris and I are starting to play on the weekends too so that will be a lot of fun too!

  7. Tennis used to be my sport. I played USTA tennis for years at the 3.5 level. If they have USTA tennis near you, you'll have to check it out. It's good exercise, you meet alot of people and you to play a "team sport" again. Unfortunately, I tore my calf muscle playing and now blogging is my new hobby!