Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween and a quick NSV.

Morning everyone!  A quick post before work here and I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Halloween!  One of my all time favorite days of the year!  I miss the days of taking Devyn trick-or-treating but now I do still enjoy handing out candy and enjoying seeing all the little ghouls and goblins!

The extent of my dressing up this year is going to have to just be my earrings.  I figure once I get goal (next year...maybe!) then I'll be all about dressing up and being awesome! LOL

OOhhh!  Guess what??  We FINALLY have a Trader Joe's  opening up here in Baton Rouge today!  I can't wait to go check it out.  Does anyone have any recommendations on what I need to be on the lookout for?

My NSV for this week is actually getting in, zipping up and fitting comfortably in my wedding dress!  Before we left for the concert Friday I was really, really bored and I was going through some things in my closet.  I said what the heck when I came to my dress and tried it on!   I'll try to recapture the moment and take a pic soon.  :)  So for now, you'll just have to believe me.  I haven't fit in it since the wedding 9 years ago, so being able to slide it on was pretty awesome!


Hope everyone survives all the candy today relatively unscathed and without tummy-aches!  Happy Thursday everyone!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Barenaked Ladies Concert!

Chris and I had so much fun Friday night that I couldn't possibly skip posting about it!   He dropped the bomb on me a couple of days before that he wasn't going to be able to take the whole day off as we had originally planned.  So, I spent the morning running a few errands and I went to the gym and got some lap swimming in for about an hour.  Then I went home and started to get ready and just waited around for him to get off work.

I was hoping to head out by no later than 1pm.  You never know how Baton Rouge traffic is going to be especially on a Friday and since Lake Charles is about 2 hours away, I just wanted to make sure we got there in plenty of time to get some goofing off done before the concert!

Yea, that didn't quite happen.  Chris ended up working a lot later than even he expected.  I think we finally headed out the door by 3pm!  Before we left though I did manage to try on some older clothes.  I was THAT bored.   I tried on my wedding dress and it fit!  Sorry no pic, but I'll put it on again and take some soon.  It's not big on me now or anything but considering the fact that I actually do fit into it is going to be my NSV for tomorrow!  I goofed around with some outfits and finally settled on this one.

After a relatively smooth trip, we made it to the Casino!  Could this be tour busses?!

We took some time exploring the L'Auberge Casino and put about $30 in the machines.  We didn't win, ah well.  After that we decided to go ahead and eat at the buffet and then do a bit more exploring. 

About an hour before the concert, we made our way to the Event Pavillion.  We were literally the 5th and 6th people in line!  When the doors opened, we snagged this spot right in front!

Ok enough blabbing, here's some pics from the concert!

The opening act came out and presented Ed (the lead singer) with a birthday cake! It was his 43rd birthday.

For the finale, they did a whole boy band dance, a classic rap and a few other medleys of classic tunes!

The concert was amazing.  If you are a fan, you must see them live!  They were great!!!!  Not sure how well these will come out but I did attempt to take some videos of a few of their songs. 

Orthopedic appointment update

So I finally got around to going to the Orthopedic doctor on Monday.  I got checked in and then they sent me off to X-Ray.  Ironically that morning, my feet/ankle felt better than it has in weeks.   So that morning I was debating on actually cancelling the appointment.  After talking myself back into going because, let's be honest here, I still have problems after heavy workouts.  Especially after tennis and after I sit for a bit, I can barely walk.   So that was my deciding factor with sticking it out. 

The doc finally came in (and turns out he was a former LSU Football player).  He asked me some questions and I told him about pulling the Achilles two months ago and the foot pain that I've been having after running/playing tennis/elliptical.  And the verdict is... 

Achillies Tendinitis in the right foot (still..) and Plantar Fascitis

So, I've made the decision to completely wait on running and tennis until I get back to 100%.  I'm sticking to light workouts in the meantime.  I'll be doing a lot of walking, elliptical and swimming (once I get a new swimsuit - I almost had a wardrobe malfunction last Friday during my swim).  

So that's where I stand now.  I did get some shoe heel inserts but the jury is still out on if I like them or not.  I actually think that my heels hurt worse with the inserts than they ever did before.  But, I'm going to keep them in until my follow up appointment and also do the stretching exercises that they recommend.

These are the heel inserts.  It basically feels like you are walking on jello.

So I have a lot of walkies in my future.  Looking forward to it actually since the weather is getting so nice outside now!  


Weigh In Wednesday

I have been a complete blog slacker lately! I've had a few things I wanted to talk about but have been so busy that I haven't really had a whole lot of time to write them out. So be prepared to be blog-post spammed here. I've got at least 2 that I want to post tonight (this one, and the other about my Doctor's appointment update) and I may do a separate one about the BNL concert that way if y'all aren't interested, you can just skip it! ;)

Weigh In Wednesday

A 2.4 pound loss this week!  Finally a loss!  I am so freaking happy!   I am now 1.8 pounds away from the 60 pound loss mark!  Not sure if I'll be able to swing that in a week but I'll give it a try.   I'm also trying a little eating experiment and bumping my calories by about 200 per day just to see if I can jump start the weight loss.  I just started this Monday with the eating experiment so I'm pretty sure that it didn't account for my loss this week.  I'll be sure to update and see how it goes from now on.  So now I'm actually averaging about 1500 per day and I still don't eat back my exercise calories.  I know some people swear by that, but so far, this really has been working for me. 

The other good news this week is that I smashed my October Exercise Minutes challenge!

October Exercise Minutes - 1769/1600

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday and NSV Thursday Combo post

Weigh In Wedneday

188.6.  Up another .2 from last week.   I'm not surprised considering the weekend eating.   Sooo, I just have to pick up the pieces and start again this week.  So far since Monday things have been pretty good and I've been within my calorie range.  Plus exercise has been good so far this week too.  I walked both today and Tuesday and also played around with the Tennis ball machine yesterday.  (Monday was a help the in-laws day, so I didn't get anything done then).  I'm going to see how I feel tomorrow and then decide about Tennis Lessons.  Either way, Chris will go.  I did ok with the ball machine, but lessons may be a whole different ball of wax. The foot still does hurt after extended periods of exercise.


I was worried that today's weigh in was going to be dismal so I decided to play around with MS Paint and show some face comparison pics.  That usually helps with the scale doesn't quite behave so I came up with this:

So I'm totally gonna call this my NSV for the week!  What 57 pounds looks like and the facial changes!

We have a fun weekend planned.  I'm taking the day off Friday and Chris is only working half a day and then we are driving to Lake Charles to see Barenaked Ladies in concert!  For the rest of the weekend, we had originally planned on having my Uncle in town but he had to reschedule so now our entire weekend has opened up! Looking so very forward to this weekend especially since tomorrow is my "Friday"!  And then Monday is my Doctor's appt for my foot/ankle.  I'm ready to hopefully have some answers there.

Chris and I got caught up FINALLY with American Horror Story!  Love it!  What a great show and season 3 is filmed in New Orleans, so we are very excited and loving this new season too!  So now we have to find something else to watch on the weekends.  Maybe we will pick up Friday Night Lights or Sons of Anarchy  again.  I'm still trudging through Doctor Who when I go to the gym.  Not as dismal as it sounds, trust me.  I just don't want David Tennant's episodes to end!  And then of course, there is Sherlock to look forward to after the Doctor Who specials later this year!  Ok totally geeking out about tv is my middle name.  :)

Hope you all are having a wonderful week! 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Weekend recap

After my doctor's appointment on Friday, I went back to work to finish out the day.  Once I got home, I opted to go for a walk since the weather was so nice.  I ended up walking for about an hour.  It was lovely!  I even saw a few butterflies along the way and one of them let me get a really great shot of it!

This pic is unfiltered and came out great even with a cell phone pic!

Yesterday, my mom, aunt and I drove to New Orleans to go to the National World War II museum.  I haven't been in about 13 years, in fact, Chris and I went on one of our first dates there back in 2000!  Needless to say, much has changed with the museum since then.  It has a total of 5 separate buildings now, although only 3 were open (more will be opening up in 2014).  I didn't take too many pics of the museum but I do have a couple.  We had a really nice day and I'd highly recommend a trip there if you are ever in NOLA!

We drove home and I stopped by a local seafood place and picked up some dinner for Chris and I.  I got home and watched the dismal LSU game last night. 

Oh!  I did get the bag in the mail from the drawing that I won on Karen's blog, Just Me and My Running Shoes.  I love it!  It came out so pretty!  I was a little disappointed that my blog name wouldn't fit on it but that's the way it goes, I guess.  I ended up putting my name on it.  The coloring is so pretty!  The bag itself is plum colored.  I know it's kinda hard to tell in this pic. 

Today, Chris and I are just lounging around.  I need to meal prep for next week and go to the grocery store, so we will do that in a bit.  Until my Daryl Dixon comes on tv tonight, we are going to spend the day getting caught up on American Horror Story too.  Chris and I are taking off tomorrow to help his parents with some stuff and once we are done with that I'm thinking of taking some time and going to get some laps in the pool since I'm laying off the foot for a bit.  I also want to go see Carrie at the movies, if we can squeeze it in.

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!

Are you all having a good weekend?  What are your weekend plans?

October Exercise Minutes - 1085/1600

Ankle weirdness

After Thursday night tennis, Chris and I came home and did our usual to get ready for bed.  At some point in the night, I got up and went to the bathroom.  My ankle felt a little weird. And when I touched it (in the back) near where the Achilles is, I felt a burning sensation.  Not so much on the skin but rather in it.  So I mentioned it to Chris and it didn't hurt to walk on it or anything but he suggested I just go get it checked out.

I called and got an appointment with my normal doctor since I wasn't really sure if I needed to call an Orthopedic doctor or what. 

So Dr. Landry came in and asked some questions and checked things out but apparently I've managed to puzzle another doctor with another of my weird ailments.  He did call and get me set up with an Orthopedic Doctor next week who specializes in ankle/foot injuries.  If I were to call and set up the appointment it would probably be about 2 to 3 weeks later, so I'm really grateful that he was able to get me in in about a week. 

Now for the really bad news.  He recommends only light activity (walking and elliptical are ok) but no running or tennis.  I am so bummed about that. 

The ankle/Achillies doesn't really give me any problems and hasn't for the most part since I first injured it 2 months ago.  After a long day of walking/exercise, yes it does hurt a bit.  But the weird sensation I do notice every single time I touch it.  Dr. Landry did think that when I first pulled or injured it it could have caused some nerve damage and that's a possibility.   So until I actually go to the appointment, I'm going to just take it easy and just do the light stuff. 

So this is where I am.  Today I'm going to lay off of the foot and get caught up with American Horror Story at least.  I am off work tomorrow (Monday) so I may go swimming.  I don't think that would be too bad and less pressure on the foot.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Five on Friday

This is my first time linking up with this wonderful group!  I've got a lot of randomness going on so I figured now would be a good time to try a Five on Friday!

I think Mr. Skinny Geek is starting to really enjoy tennis.  Now that he's working hard and taking lessons and getting those swings down pat.  He can only improve from here!

Remember my Achilles pull a few months back?   It has been better, but after a long day, I can usually "notice" it.  It doesn't hurt nearly as bad as before and I can definitely walk and run on the ankle, but I did notice something really weird last night.  When I touch it, I feel a burning sensation.  Not necessarily on the skin itself but more like within the leg.  It's really weird and strange and I'm going to give my doc a call today.  I never actually saw him when the Achilles pull happened but this is cause enough for me to show a little concern now and I just want to get it checked out and make sure that I still have a green light to go on with everything that I'm already doing.

Impromptu trip to NOLA tomorrow!  We are going to visit the World War II Museum.  I've been wanting to do that FOREVER.  It's been a really long time since we have been and they are having a Bob Hope Exhibit there and it is only running through the end of this month.  We probably aren't going to do anything but the museum but it would be nice to visit the zoo again soon!  The weather seems like it is finally starting to cool down. 

I really need to decide on my next 5K and get my rear back into running regularly.  I'm wanting to sign up for a Turkey Trot but the one in BR starts at 8.  I was hoping for one to start a bit earlier, because we usually are knee deep in cooking even at 8 in the morning.  I may have to do my very own Turkey Trot around the neighborhood (or turkey waddle, as the case may be).

Busy weeks/weekends from here til November.  A week from today we will be in Lake Charles watching the Barenaked Ladies!  FINALLY!  We had a week from hell this past July when we were supposed to go see them in Dallas but between our refrigerator breaking and the A/C dying in the middle of July, we were unable to swing that trip.  Also next weekend my uncle is coming in for a visit from Florida so we will be busy visiting. 

October Exercise Minutes - 1025/1600

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

its Hump Daaaaay

Guess what day it is???

and that also means...

Weigh In Wedneday

188.4.  Up .2 since last week.

I'm actually not that upset since T.O.M. was here and this is my normal pattern I suppose.  Not sure if it is even feasible to lose 4 pounds by November 7th but I am gonna give it a shot.  (Nov. 7th is my 1 year lifestyle change/diet/exercise beastmode anniversary)

In other news, Chris and I went and rented the ball machine at the Y last night.  We ended up hitting around for about an hour and a half.  Before that, I had gone to my local Y and did 35 minutes on the elliptical and 20 minutes of weights.  Needless to say, by the time I got home I racked out.  I was exhausted but managed to get the season premiere of The Biggest Loser watched before I fell asleep.  I think this season is going to be great!  I know what they do isn't practical (38 pound loss in a week?!) but I love the motivation! 

Here's a couple of pics from yesterday:

Did you watch The Biggest Loser last night?  How do you think this season is going to go?  Who is your favorite trainer?

October Exercise Minutes - 940/1600

Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekend recap

If I had one picture to sum up my weekend it would be this: 

Oz totally hit the nail on the head there.

My weekend wasn't the best nor was it the worst.  It just "was".   This was the first weekend in a long time that we really didn't have that many things planned and I am extremely grateful for that.  T.O.M. hit me with full force this weekend and along with it I managed to get a sunburn and I think a little sun sickness too.  But I'll get to that in just a few.

Friday, I got home from work and just deflated into the couch.  Chris's ankle was still a little sensitive so he really didn't feel like going anywhere to eat, so I called and ordered him a calzone and me some lasagna from a local Italian place.  We just vegged out and finished up season 1 of American Horror Story that night.

Saturday we had a doubles clinic to attend, but he still wasn't too sure if he should do it or not since he was still aching.  So,"when in doubt, sit it out" and I went alone.  It was fun and there were so many more women there for that clinic than our normal Thursday night one.  I think there were 6 of us total and he had us doing several different drills, including having 3 of us on either side of the net volleying.  I got beamed twice hard but I need to learn how to get quicker reflexes.  The poor girl who hit me twice kept apologizing although secretly I said to myself that it must be that I'm a larger target than the rest of them.  Who knows.  It didn't hurt though thankfully and I just need to figure out how to counter that.  Practice, Practice, Practice I suppose. 

After doubles clinic, several of the ladies wanted to stay around and play an actual match.  I knew I was pressed for time but I did want to play a bit too.  I said that I could for about 30 minutes.  We ended up playing for about 45 minutes total.  Which totally reminds me that I really need to figure out how scoring in tennis works. I know in theory what to do but I need to learn when to switch sides and whatnot.  I need a Tennis for Dummies book.

So that was about 2 hours and 15 minutes in the hot blazing Louisiana sun (without sunscreen).  I was parched so I guzzled my water and then refilled it before I left.  I headed home to pick up Chris and we headed out to my mom and dad's so that we help them with yard work.  My dad is still down from his shoulder surgery and mom mowed their grass Friday and all we had needed to do was weed eat, use the trimmer and then edge the driveways.  The plan was to do their yard and then go by my aunts and mow/weed eat there too. All this before the LSU game started at 2:30.   I got the front flowerbed weeded while Chris was doing the weed eating then I started to feel faint.  This was about an hour into their yard work.   Chris and I got all the stuff bagged and to the road and I just couldn't go on any more.  I felt sick and had a headache so we decided to just call it a day.  I went home, showered and ate and drank more water.  I finally started feeling better around 8:00 pm.  This is the first time I have ever really felt faint being out in the hot so much.  I drank plenty of water and ate breakfast that morning and we had a subway sandwich between tennis and yard work.  It was really strange that this happened.  The crazy thing was it even wasn't that hot.  I think the high was around 88 or so.

Sunday, I was feeling a bit better but now it was my turn to be a bit achy and still slightly nauseous.  My back and ankles were sore from between the tennis and the weeding.  We still didn't manage to get to my aunts to do her yard so we will have to plan on doing that sometime during the week or next weekend for sure.  We did get the groceries done and planned for the week and then Chris and I went to Academy and got him his own racquet and tennis shoes.  He wanted to go try them out but by then it was around 2:00pm and I was still feeling a little squeamish from the day before. Instead we went to a movie (saw Gravity) and then we just went home and relaxed and watched The Walking Dead Marathon until it was time for the episode.

So that is the jist of my blah weekend.  I'm not sure what I could have done to avoid all that craziness and sickness that came over me on Saturday.  Maybe I should have spaced things out between the tennis and the yard work or should have just done one or the other and not both.  Who knows!

How was your weekend?  Did you do anything fun?  Get any exercise in?

October Exercise Minutes - 744/1600

Friday, October 11, 2013

TGIF and a new smoothie experiment

So so so glad it's Friday!  We actually don't have too much planned this weekend and I am extremely thankful for that!   Life has been crazy busy around here lately!  

Tonight, after work, Chris and I may go out to a local Mexican restaurant and then maybe to a movie.  I'm so behind on my movie-going!  I want to see Gravity, Captain Phillips and Prisoners.  We probably won't get to all 3 though this weekend though.  Hopefully we can catch Devyn when she has some time off so she can get us in free.  Having your child work at a movie theater has it's benefits, ya know?!  :)   Other than that, we will probably watch some more of American Horror Story to try to get caught up before we start watching the current season.

Saturday, Chris and I signed up for a Doubles Tennis Clinic at 9:30am.  Hoping he is feeling a bit better by tomorrow.  He is a bit sore today after last night's class.  Here's the evidence:

You should have seen the look on his face this morning!
He is just a bit achy today.  I told him honestly I was like that too after my first hard lesson (the tennis instructor had us doing a lot of running around and the ole heart rate was definitely up).  Hope that he will be ok by tomorrow, especially since after the clinic we've got loads of yardwork to try to do before the LSU/Florida game comes on.  #GeauxTigers  (*ducking and hiding from April with Run The Great Wide Somewhere ) and apologies to all the Gator fans out there but what the heck am I saying.. No no apologies.  Let the smack talk commence!  (But know that I love you, even if you are a Florida Gator fan...and Alabama, especially Bama...)

Sunday I'm hoping to get up and get a nice run in.  I'm going to aim for 4 miles which will be my longest length that I've ever run at once.  May not be able to crack it again since it's been a while that I've done it but I will give it a try anyway. 

I decided to play around and try a new smoothie out yesterday before Tennis lessons and I had my mom sample it too (just to see if it was worthy of mentioning).  It really turned out great!  So here it is.... my new favorite (a bit higher in calories than the others because of the peanut butter though..) ..... Snickerdoodle!

Snickerdoodle Protein Shake

1 scoop Vanilla Protein Powder
1 cup almond milk
2 tsp ground cinnamon
1 tbsp vanilla pudding mix (dry mix)
1 tbsp peanut butter
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tbsp honey
10 ice cubes

I am sooooo excited for Sunday night!  The Walking Dead comes back!  I keep looking through my pics of comic con and remembering how awesome everyone is!  I think that just adds to how much I love the show, meeting the actors and talking with them too and realizing that they are fans too!

Here's a couple of pics from comic cons in the past and hopefully I will never be that big ever again!