Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Orthopedic appointment update

So I finally got around to going to the Orthopedic doctor on Monday.  I got checked in and then they sent me off to X-Ray.  Ironically that morning, my feet/ankle felt better than it has in weeks.   So that morning I was debating on actually cancelling the appointment.  After talking myself back into going because, let's be honest here, I still have problems after heavy workouts.  Especially after tennis and after I sit for a bit, I can barely walk.   So that was my deciding factor with sticking it out. 

The doc finally came in (and turns out he was a former LSU Football player).  He asked me some questions and I told him about pulling the Achilles two months ago and the foot pain that I've been having after running/playing tennis/elliptical.  And the verdict is... 

Achillies Tendinitis in the right foot (still..) and Plantar Fascitis

So, I've made the decision to completely wait on running and tennis until I get back to 100%.  I'm sticking to light workouts in the meantime.  I'll be doing a lot of walking, elliptical and swimming (once I get a new swimsuit - I almost had a wardrobe malfunction last Friday during my swim).  

So that's where I stand now.  I did get some shoe heel inserts but the jury is still out on if I like them or not.  I actually think that my heels hurt worse with the inserts than they ever did before.  But, I'm going to keep them in until my follow up appointment and also do the stretching exercises that they recommend.

These are the heel inserts.  It basically feels like you are walking on jello.

So I have a lot of walkies in my future.  Looking forward to it actually since the weather is getting so nice outside now!  



  1. Ahh girl I feel you!

    Ps. I have been wearing crazy hard full arch and heel supports for 3 weeks full time and this is the first week of actual improvement where the inserts only hurt tge first hour on my feet.. and I noticed when i wore my rain boots without them.... lesson learned.

    You are a rockstar and I hope for a speedy recovery!!

    1. Ok that totally gives me hope that I just need to stick it out with those inserts. Thanks!

  2. Glad you have a diagnosis now. It's very frustrating to not know!

  3. I'm sorry to hear that you have to wait on running and tennis, but I'm glad you decided to play it safe. Injuries are never fun. You'll be back stronger than ever, I imagine and faster than you are probably thinking.

  4. I prefer walking to running and you're making the right decision by taking a break until you can run again.

    Also, those heel inserts look interesting. Are they comfy?

  5. I've pretty much got the same thing. Achilles in my right foot and PF in both. All of it is mild enough that I can keep running, but bad enough that it won't seem to completely go away. Hope you get some relief and full healing!