Friday, October 11, 2013

TGIF and a new smoothie experiment

So so so glad it's Friday!  We actually don't have too much planned this weekend and I am extremely thankful for that!   Life has been crazy busy around here lately!  

Tonight, after work, Chris and I may go out to a local Mexican restaurant and then maybe to a movie.  I'm so behind on my movie-going!  I want to see Gravity, Captain Phillips and Prisoners.  We probably won't get to all 3 though this weekend though.  Hopefully we can catch Devyn when she has some time off so she can get us in free.  Having your child work at a movie theater has it's benefits, ya know?!  :)   Other than that, we will probably watch some more of American Horror Story to try to get caught up before we start watching the current season.

Saturday, Chris and I signed up for a Doubles Tennis Clinic at 9:30am.  Hoping he is feeling a bit better by tomorrow.  He is a bit sore today after last night's class.  Here's the evidence:

You should have seen the look on his face this morning!
He is just a bit achy today.  I told him honestly I was like that too after my first hard lesson (the tennis instructor had us doing a lot of running around and the ole heart rate was definitely up).  Hope that he will be ok by tomorrow, especially since after the clinic we've got loads of yardwork to try to do before the LSU/Florida game comes on.  #GeauxTigers  (*ducking and hiding from April with Run The Great Wide Somewhere ) and apologies to all the Gator fans out there but what the heck am I saying.. No no apologies.  Let the smack talk commence!  (But know that I love you, even if you are a Florida Gator fan...and Alabama, especially Bama...)

Sunday I'm hoping to get up and get a nice run in.  I'm going to aim for 4 miles which will be my longest length that I've ever run at once.  May not be able to crack it again since it's been a while that I've done it but I will give it a try anyway. 

I decided to play around and try a new smoothie out yesterday before Tennis lessons and I had my mom sample it too (just to see if it was worthy of mentioning).  It really turned out great!  So here it is.... my new favorite (a bit higher in calories than the others because of the peanut butter though..) ..... Snickerdoodle!

Snickerdoodle Protein Shake

1 scoop Vanilla Protein Powder
1 cup almond milk
2 tsp ground cinnamon
1 tbsp vanilla pudding mix (dry mix)
1 tbsp peanut butter
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tbsp honey
10 ice cubes

I am sooooo excited for Sunday night!  The Walking Dead comes back!  I keep looking through my pics of comic con and remembering how awesome everyone is!  I think that just adds to how much I love the show, meeting the actors and talking with them too and realizing that they are fans too!

Here's a couple of pics from comic cons in the past and hopefully I will never be that big ever again!



  1. Did you get to go to San Diego Comic Con? SO JEALOUS. My husband and I were in LA on our honeymoon, right around when ComicCon was going on and I'm KICKING myself now, we didn't spend the money and go.

    PS, I will NOT be watching the walking dead. Zombies scare the CRAP out of me. Like, I'm unrealistically afraid of them. I do not spend time on the main level of my house when hubs is gone, as there are too many windows and zombies might get me. (I'm crazytown, I know). ;)

    1. They are actually from New Orleans Comic Con! I would LOOOOOOVE to go to SDCC one day! Ahh sorry about the zombie thing. I'm like that with clowns.. and spiders...and snakes... and Canadian Geese!

  2. Yeah, we'll see about the smack talk on Saturday! It's funny, my mother in law is a huge LSU fan (her family is from there, near Baton Rouge) so this game is always a high smack talk game in our family too. So...Gooooo Gators!!!!

    That smoothie sounds delicious, I may have to give it a try. That might be a great recovery drink after my run.

    Also, have you noticed the new comment layout has the "sign out" button right where I want to click to post? Am I the only one who has "signed out" after a long and thoughtful comment instead of "publishing" it? Argh!

    1. Haha yea, it's all good. I'll try to behave myself :)

      The smoothie really came out yummy! Definitely try it and let me know what you think!

      Yea, I've noticed that sign out too but I haven't clicked it ...yet. I'm sure it's just a matter of time!

    2. OK, I made it to Publix to get the rest of the ingredients and as soon as I put the groceries away I tried the smoothie. Delicious!! It tastes decadent! I used sugar free pudding mix and left out the honey (to make it South Beach friendly) and used unsweetened almond milk too. It tastes like a very bad for you dessert. Thanks for sharing!

  3. AHH IT WAS SO GOOD! I love those pics. And yay to the hubs going to play tennis with you!!

    1. It was! Loved it! So glad that Daryl Dixon is back on my Sunday nights!!!!!!

  4. OMG. You have a picture with Daryl. OMG. And look how little Carl is!! HAHA! I looooove The Walking Dead. I thought the premiere on Sunday was great. And I just watched the first episode of this season of American Horror Story last night and I have to say, I think it will be awesome! Much better than last season I think. Kathy Bates is amazing.

    1. Yes, I touched Daryl Dixon! And I did the hover hand over his butt but didn't actually grab on! LOL I can't wait to get caught up with AHS. We finished the 1st season over the weekend. May just have to fork over the money and buy the next! Love it!

  5. I am definitely going to try your snickerdoodle shake! I have PB2 - which helps cut down calories/sugar, so I use it a lot with shakes and baked goods versus the good stuff. We went to NY Comic Con this past weekend, but being rookies, didn't get a chance to get anything autographed/photographed because lines were too ridiculous. Better luck next year ;-)

    1. I need to try to look for some PB2 around here! Thanks for the suggestion!

      Ahhhh so jealous about you going to NYCC! Did you see David Dicovney (sp) and Gillian Anderson? Did you get to go to any of the panels? And most importantly, did you have fun!?