Saturday, November 30, 2013

Running Streaks and Tennis

I've actually had a small streak going with running that I have been debating on posting about or not.  For one, I'm not sure if I can keep it up.  Since I've been running (and truthfully, not at all regularly) in the last year, I've had a love/hate relationship with it.   I think the "hate" part can be linked directly to the Louisiana heat and my boring neighborhood.  But here lately the weather has been more pleasant and I've actually found a park nearby that I love to run in and I feel safe doing so. 

I found an article the other day that someone linked on Facebook about a Holiday Running Streak that takes place between Thanksgiving and New Years.  (I don't remember who, but if it was you...thank you!) and it intrigued me.  Never in my history of running, have I ran on back to back days before so I was a little apprehensive to start (and still am...) but so far so good.  My legs are a little tired today but that could be attributed to us having an hour and a half long tennis lesson too.

So as of right now my game plan is this (and since I don't know how my body will handle this, I do not want to go crazy with the miles, plus there is a new thing on the horizon this week that I will discuss in a second.)

Sunday - 2 miles
Monday - 1 mile
Tuesday - 1.5 miles
Wednesday - 3 miles
Thursday - 1.5 miles
Friday - 1 mile
Saturday - 3 or 4 miles
Sunday 1 mile

Do you ever look at a word and swear that it looks like it's spelled wrong or is it just me?  I'm sitting here staring at the word "mile" that I just typed out and it looks off.  Hmm.  Anyway..

I'm not sure that I will stick with this.  But as of today I'm on day 3.  Worst case scenario is that I do this for a bit of time and if it helps lose weight, well that's not the worst thing in the world, right?!  I could use the hopeful bump in the weight loss anyway.  So tired of seeing these same numbers!

So the other thing that I mentioned earlier was that we got talked into a tennis tournament for next weekend.  I. Am. Scared. To. Death of playing in real life.  I don't really understand the scoring enough to keep it up.  I've watched enough tennis to sorta know how it goes.  Realistically Chris and I have only goofed off from time to time and also rented the ball machine.  We've never done a proper match, plus, well, bottom line is that we aren't very good.  Ronnie (our instructor and the head of the Tennis Department at our local Y), is going to find a team of beginners to put us with.  I am competitive to a fault sometimes.  I don't like to lose and I know that I'm not ready to face other people.  I get mad at myself when I mess up as it is now!  Ugh, so yes, I'm scared shitless about this coming weekend.  Chris and I are going back and practicing tomorrow and probably a couple more times this week in the evenings.  We need it.

We did have a good clinic this morning.  We worked on volleys and doubles positioning pretty much the whole time.  And we were The Justice League.

Doyle has been super cute today since we got back from Tennis lessons.  Here he is sitting next to me being sleepy.

Have you ever done a running streak or a streak of any kind (not talking the birthday suit kind either hehe)?  How did it go?  Do you recommend doing it?

Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Thanksgiving PR for 5K

In the midst of all the Thanksgiving food and fun, I actually PR'ed this morning!

I woke up this morning about the same time I usually get up and ready for work.  I made a quick blog post earlier then headed out to my mom and dad's.  The plan was to get there, and get my run in early before I needed to get busy baking and helping my dad with the Turkey birds and then we would eat around noon-ish.

This was the temp when I got into my car this morning.

And this is the view that I had across from my house before I left.  Frost everywhere!

After I got to my parents house, I grabbed my knit hat and gloves and then headed out.  The run started out as they usually do with me questioning if I could even make a mile.  Usually once I do hit that mile mark, then I'm good to go.  That was the case here today too.  At first I was just thinking since it was so cold that I would just do one mile and then determine how I felt and if I wanted to push a full 5K.  Once I got going, I felt fine.  The only thing cold was my face and even that wasn't quite as bad after a few minutes. 

My splits were actually pretty decent for me.  The 2nd mile was a bit slower, I think I was running into the wind or maybe it just felt more windy.  Not sure but it there was less houses around so I guess it would make sense if the wind was whipping a bit more.

My parent's neighborhood is fairly big, in fact, it was just shy of a full 5K.  The last little leg, I had to go a bit further than where their house is and loop back, but I did end up with the full 3.10 miles.  All in all, I didn't see a single soul running until the very end, I saw a couple of walkers (the non-zombie kind) out and about.  I ran the entire thing without my earbuds in too, since I wanted to make sure I could listen for oncoming cars and potential dogs. 

All in all, it was a fantastic run.  Not sure if I was faster because of the cold or what, but if that's the case, I'd MUCH rather run like that then in the heat any day!  Chris did a great job on buying my new cold weather running gear too.  It worked perfectly for me this morning!

And of course, so glad I got the run in and I felt a lot less guilty eating today!

Here's a couple of shots of the 2 things I baked (Corn Casserole and Sweet Potato Crunch) and then the fried turkeys that we made.  I forgot to snap pics during the day of the rest.  It was a wonderful day filled with food and family! 

Happy Thanksgiving and NSV linkup!

A quick post here to wish everyone a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!  Wishing you all a wonderful day full of love and laughter, no matter what you do, whether you spend it with family or with friends, or even alone.

I'm heading to my mom and dad's in a few minutes.  I'm going to do my very own Turkey Trot over there and hopefully get in at least 3 miles.  After that, a shower is in order then a ton of baking and helping my dad with the Turkeys!  Should be an awesome day!


My NSV this week really is the fact that I've committed fully to being my best self this past year.  I have a lot to be proud of but the main thing is that this is the longest and most dedicated I've been out of each of the millions of times I have tried to lose weight in the past.

This is last Thanksgiving:

And this was yesterday:  (Hubby actually surprised me with some cold weather running gear!  I had bemoaned on my blog about not having anything, but he actually didn't read my blog post yesterday!  It was a complete shock as I wasn't expecting anything at all and just for the fact that he somehow knew...)

Alrighty, gotta get going here.   Again, everyone hope you have a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

W.I.W. and a Happy Anniversary to the Skinny Geeks!

Weigh In Wednesday

Good morning everyone.  Let's get this out of the way................

Womp womp.  No change this week.  Same number as before (which is also California police code for a murder, in case you didn't know!)  See, I try to educate my friends too.

I'm slightly disappointed but I really have no room to complain.  This weekend was filled with family and lots of visiting and food (and maybe more than a few beers) so the fact that I stayed the same is really a miracle. 


Today is Chris and my anniversary!  9 years!  I can't find any pics from our wedding (mostly because I hate them, or I guess I should say, I hate how I look in them.)  So one of these days I definitely want to have a re-do and maybe renew our vows and have proper wedding pictures.  Until then, here's a couple of candid shots over the years.

Last month

One of our first dates.  We were so young (and skinny)!

We don't have too much planned this time around.  We may go out to dinner and a movie this weekend.  (Or if we can finally get our paws on a PS4 on Black Friday, then I'm sure that is what we will be doing all weekend long!)  Such a romantic life we lead!

Speaking of Black Friday, do you guys go out and hit the stores?  We don't usually but since we are on the prowl I think we will hit Best Buy for sure.  Maybe a couple more, it just depends.  I really want to try to get as much shopping done this weekend but I think most of it will be done from the comfort of my house and in my jammies. 

My mom and I stopped in Target yesterday and I found some great and really cheesy things that I must have.
Epic kitten leggings!

T-REX on an Ugly Sweater!

Are you guys ready for Thanksgiving?   What are your plans?  I'm trying to just be sensible and if I want something, I will eat it but just in moderation.  My main plan I think is to not overeat.  I will get a small amount of everything that I want.  Thanksgiving is only one day, plus hoping the exercise will off-set some of the damage.

We have had so much going on this week that exercise has definitely been on the back-burner for me, but I am determined that I will get my own Turkey Trot in tomorrow.  It's supposed to be really, really cold here. 25ยบ!  That is REALLY unusual for us this time of year.  So I'm slightly freaking out about how I'm going to do this.  I am definitely planning on layering but I don't have any long pants, just capris.  I do have my normal, everyday compression stockings and then I may put some knee-high socks on as well.  I'm thinking at least 2 shirts and a sweatshirt over the rest and earmuffs, hat and gloves.  I don't know how you guys up North do it!

No cat picture in this post.  They haven't been doing anything cute the last few days.  So here's some pelicans that were outside Middendorf's Restaurant this past weekend.

If you are traveling, stay safe.  If you are staying at home, enjoy spending time with the ones you love!   Wishing everyone a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Happy Birthday to Mr. Skinny Geek!

I don't post very often about Chris.  Usually he is mentioned in a roundabout sort of way but I wanted to devote a post all to him and what a better time to do it than since his birthday is tomorrow!

And I don't mean to brag, (heck, maybe I do) but ladies, I have the best husband in the whole world!
Even though he hates to have his picture taken.

But he does love our zoo.

And he is very young at heart.

And is a big kid sometimes!

He also loves his car.

And puts up with us making him pose with Slave Leia at Comic Con.

He is also a wonderful step-father to Devyn.

And does a mean Beaker impression.

Happy 42nd birthday, Chris!  I love you to the moon and back and then onto infinity!

(Look for another sappy post tomorrow or Wednesday since it's our anniversary!)

Weekly exercise recap

Hey guys!

I had a pretty good week on the exercise front.  I didn't quite make my running 3 times in but I did manage 2 this week.  The other downside is that they were only a mile each time.

Here's the breakdown:

Monday - Elliptical (45 minutes) for 3 miles
Tuesday - Run 1.03 miles; Elliptical (50 minutes) for 3.45 miles
Wednesday - 60 minutes of heavy duty gardening at my moms.
Thursday - Tennis clinic for an hour
Friday - Walking (1h 10 min) for 3.34 miles
Saturday - Run 1 mile; Elliptical (50 minutes) for 3.45 miles
Sunday - rest

All in all I did a bit over 15 miles this week between running, walking and elliptical.  I don't count my mileage that I do with fitbit on this.  This is just strictly exercise stuff.

Speaking of fitbit, this was not a good week.  I only hit over 10,000 three times this week.

But the good news (and this will be my NSV for Thursday), is that I hit my 1 year mark of tracking on My Fitness Pal this week!

Hope everyone had a good week!  Thanksgiving is this Thursday so ... game on! 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Weekend recap

Doing the weekend recap on a Sunday today because I may not have time to do it before work tomorrow morning!  It's been a crazy, busy weekend here but lots of good stuff going on!

My weekend basically started Thursday after work. I had taken Friday off work since my Uncle is in town from Florida.  Thursday night started with Tennis Clinic.  Had fun as usual and we worked mainly on volleying.  I think I have found my favorite shot every, the drop volley!  Which is basically when you barely tap it over the net in the opposite direction of your opponent and they usually end up spending the next few minutes cursing you out.  Yes, I can totally see that I will love that shot!  (Can't wait to practice it on hubby, shhhh!)

Guess what came in the mail Thursday!?!  My new bondi band!  I love it!  I can't wait to order many more and quite possibly have a giveaway at some point!

Friday, I woke up at normal work alarm time and went out for a walk.  I knew this weekend would be filled with loads of food and fun so instead of hitting the gym or the elliptical I figured I should enjoy the nice weather before it started to turn.  (So glad I did too, more on that later..)  I think I managed about a 71 minute walk.  After that, I showered and got ready to go.  My parents, uncle and I planned on spending the day Friday driving around the state and visiting relatives both live and dead.  We got to see a lot of people and had really great visits with them.  We also spent some time trying to find other family members that weren't with us any longer and located a few of them.

Uncle, Dad and mom
Some of the graves were very interesting.  I think the earliest one I saw in the cemetery was from around 1833.

We drove back home and Chris and I ended up spending the rest of the night just hanging out.  We bought "The World's End" and drank a couple of beers and enjoyed the movie thoroughly.  I managed to snag the best picture ever of Chris and Doyle.   I totally see the resemblance in each of the pics!  (Doyle is nekkid after all..)

Saturday, I woke up to the sound of rain.  I was planning on getting my 50 minutes for Doctor Who's 50th in by running.  I went ahead and decided to just try on my street to do it.  I made it all of a mile and the wind/dampness just got to me.

So I went back to the house, dried off and then decided to head to the gym.  I hate the fact that I can't get the gps on my phone to connect in there, so I just opted to do a solid 50 minutes on the elliptical at that point.  I did get it in and watched the end of 10s reign and a few minutes into the beginning of the 11th Doctor.

After the gym, went home, showered, made grocery lists and donned my Doctor Who attire and went to the stores.  Chris and I also went to Academy (needed more protein powder), when the unexpected, most awesome thing ever happened.  We stumbled upon these.  Chris immediate snatched up Batman and convinced me that I should totally get a Superman one.  He didn't have to twist my arm too hard, ya know.  So now our tennis doubles team  name is totally going to have to be "The Justice League".

We got home just in time to start the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special.  It was amazing.  Loved it!  Here's what I posted on my fb page after.

After the episode, we headed to my parents house to visit for a bit more with my uncle and watch a little LSU Football.  Sorry Johnny Manziel and Aggie fans out there, but we NEEDED this win!

Chris and I went home after the game and we crashed.  Now I'm just about to be off to go do some more family visiting in NOLA for the day and then zombies tonight.  Hope we get more Daryl and less Governor tonight!

We have a pretty busy week ahead of us and not just the normal Thanksgiving stuff too.  Chris's bday is Tuesday and our anniversary is Wednesday!  9 years of wedded bliss!   I've been on the great PS4 hunt for a few days now.  Our present to each other.  :)  Ahh so romantic!

Here's another cat picture to end the post! :)

How was everyone's weekend?  Do anything fun or run any awesome races?!  Tell me about them!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday

Weigh In Wedneday

Good morning everyone!

Let's get right to it.  The scale finally starting behaving!  Gee, it's amazing that actually staying on track with eating and getting in exercise make a difference.  *smacks myself in the head*.  It really is that simple.

I'm down 3.8 this week.  I am THRILLED to finally be heading in the right direction again.  Seriously.  I was about to panic if I edged any more into those 190s.  I was really hoping to be below 185 by Thanksgiving but not sure if that is gonna happen.  Will give it the ole college effort though!

Thanksgiving officially starts today for me.  We are having our luncheon and it should be nice.  The last few years they have catered a wonderful menu with all the normal Thanksgiving goodness.  Yea, I'm totally going to have to get some serious exercise in today.

Speaking of exercise, this week has been going good so far.  Monday I woke up to rain so I wasn't able to get a run in.  Instead I got on the elliptical and started "The End Of Time Part 1" episode of Doctor Who.  I did that and then yesterday squeezed in a mile after work of running and then to the gym for more Doctor Who on the elliptical there. 

Mr. Skinny Geek texted me before I could finish an hour in and said dinner was ready.  It worked out well though because I was seriously about to start ugly crying during "The End of Time Part 2".  So I still have to get through this episode.  Have you fellow Whovians been watching the specials that have been airing this week?

And if you are still interested, (you don't even have to be a Whovian!) but let me know if you guys get at least 50 minutes of some sort of exercise in on this coming Saturday in honor of the 50th anniversary!  Just email me what you did and feel free to include a pic (and especially in your D.W. swag if you have any!)  Send your email to .

I haven't done an official exercise minute challenge for myself this month.  I just wasn't sure with all that we had going on what I could commit too, especially not knowing Father-In-Law's health status for a while there.  Now that I seem to be back on a more normal schedule at the moment anyway, I'm totally missing not having that accountability even though I know I'm putting the effort in.  I'll definitely get back to doing that in December I think. 

Alrighty friends, how did you guys do this week?  How are you preparing for Thanksgiving?