Saturday, November 2, 2013

November stuff

Hey guys, quick post here.

November isn't quite starting out as planned already.   On Halloween we had to take Mr. Skinny Geek's dad to the hospital.  He's got a lot going on including dementia/Alzheimer's, a possible compression fracture in his lower spine, and in addition to all of that he's lethargic and not eating.  We've pretty much been up at the hospital at all times, so exercise has been virtually non-existent here lately.   I'm still trying really hard to stay on track with eating but with all the eating out we've been doing these last few days, well, it's just hard. 

Hoping that if we can get Mr. Bill back home and iron out all the details for his care that I can get back to a semi-normal schedule.  Until then, I'll be thinking about all my bloggy friends out there.  Hoping you guys are doing well!

If you don't mind and are so inclined, can you think some positive thoughts for Mr. Bill?

Much, much appreciated!

<3  Des (Skinnygeek)


  1. ♡ sending positive vibes your way!

  2. You got it hon and big hugs to you guys!

  3. Thinking of you and your family. I hope his dad gets to go home soon. Take care!

  4. All positive thoughts for your family.

  5. My grandmother had dementia in the end. It along with Alzheimers is such a debilitating disease. I'm sorry and will say a pray for Mr Bill along with you and your hub.
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  6. Sending lots of good vibes and thoughts your way!

  7. All the best to your family - hope things get smoother soon! - Jessica

  8. It's so hard to eat well and exercise when you're in a stressful situation like that. Just do the best you can. I said a prayer for Mr Bill and you and your family.

  9. Sending lots of prayers and positive thoughts. Take care of yourself. xox