Sunday, November 17, 2013

Weekly Wrap-up

It's been a while since I actually had enough to write about to fill a weekly update!  I'd say all in all I had a pretty darn good week. 

I even hit all my steps so far this week with the exception of one day.  And the thing I'm most proud of is that I actually ran 3 times this week.  That hasn't happened in SO long.  I think the weather has been a big reason for being in a running funk lately.  Now that things are starting to cool down a bit, I'm actually itching to get out there.  And even if I don't wake up early enough in the morning, I even got it done in the afternoon which is practically unheard of during the summer!

Here's a breakdown of what I did each day:

Monday - 1 mile run, 1 mile walk, and weekly bowling league
Tuesday - 65 minutes on the elliptcial for 4.51 miles
Wednesday - B210K W1D1 - Ran 40 minutes, walked 14 for 3.21 miles
Thursday - 20 minutes of weights at the gym and we went to tennis clinic for 1 hour
Friday - 47 minute walk with my mom for 2.12 miles
Saturday - B210K W1D2 -Walked 7 minutes and ran the rest because the app went wonky.  Total 3.40 miles in 53:30

I decided to pick back up with the B210K this week.  Its only 6 weeks and if it can help me improve my distance/time then I'll give it a shot.  Plus I think having a plan in place helps me and will keep me on this running streak.  I think if I have just about anything to do other than run, then I won't do it.  I'll need to come up with a game plan after this though. 

And I ended up going to the park twice this week to do my B210K's and it was wonderful.  Wednesday was better than yesterday though since it was much cooler.  It was hot again on Saturday's run.  I really hate Louisiana weather sometime!

If you follow me on instagram some of these may be duplicates.

We still managed to get a lot accomplished this week.  Mr. Bill is now home from the hospital and a myriad of nurses are in and out helping with his care.  They also delivered a hospital bed, oxygen, nebulizer to their house and had it all set up by the time they brought him home. 

Friday afternoon Chris and I went and got a bite to eat and then settled in and tried to figure out what to do.  We ended up renting R.I.P.D.  You'd think "Ryan Reynolds".. it can't be that bad.  Ooof.  It was.  Oh well.  It was like all the worst parts of Men In Black and Ghostbusters rolled into one movie. 

Saturday, I woke up a bit late and finally headed to the park for my run around 9am.  Once I finished, went home, ate breakfast/lunch and then showered and headed to my mom's to work on the Thanksgiving menu and get the shopping started for it.  We lucked out and got it over with with the exception of 1 more turkey that we need to get. 

After dropping off a few groceries at the house, then Chris and I headed to the mall.  I needed to pick up a couple of things plus, I wanted to go to Hot Topic to gear up for all the Doctor Who related fun stuff going on next week for the 50th Anniversary.  I scored big!  Plus I got some more nerdy socks.  I always need nerdy socks.  (A certain 19 year old daughter of mine, mysteriously seems to acquire every pair of socks that I own).  Everything was buy 1 get 1 50% off.  I ended up getting the Van Gogh tardis t-shirt, 2 bundles of socks (one Who, one Superhero), a necklace, and a pair of earrings!

Today is cleaning day.  We've got a lot to tackle as the house is a mess.  Chris cleaned the garage out yesterday and most of it's contents ended up in the kitchen area, so we need to go through that.  Plus all the normal laundry, cleaning, all that fun stuff.  (not!)  So I guess I've procrastinated long enough with this blog post.  Time to publish it and get to cleaning I guess.  Looking forward to taking it easy today and watching The Walking Dead tonight. 

We've got a pretty busy week ahead.  We are having Thanksgiving at work on Wednesday, so I need to make darn sure that I get exercise in that day.  And then my uncle (who postponed his trip last month) will be in towards the end of the week and through the weekend. 

Here's a pic of my movie buddy, Loki, from Friday.  He was saying to me that he was far more interesting than R.I.P.D. (and he is!) Even more interesting than Ryan Reynolds!


  1. Way to go! You are awesome :-)
    I totally did the same list for our thanksgiving we had over the past weekend ( We did it early ;-))

    1. Yes! I'm soo so so glad we got that over with. It was hanging over me and a tremendous load off my mind now that we got it done!
      Thanks honey!

  2. congratulations on getting out 3x in a week, that's brilliant, but hitting all your stemps, that's even more impressive, well done!

  3. Great job this week!! So glad Mr. Bill is home. Hope y'all enjoyed the rest of your weekend! :0)

  4. Your work-out regimen sounds mind blowing. I admire ya for your strong will. :))

  5. Great workout week, Des! And congrats on getting back into a running schedule. I think the 10K distance is my favorite. It's longer than the average joe 5K without taking the immense training of a half marathon distance. Not just anybody decides to take on a 10K, so GO YOU!

    Your Thanksgiving grocery list is L-O-N-G! How many people do you cook for??

    1. Thank you! We have usually around 12-15 people for Turkey Day. Loads of food and fun! Can't wait! One of my favorite holidays!

    2. That's awesome! (and a lot of work, so good luck!)

  6. Thanks for the heads up about RIPD - I was considering that one because you're right, how wrong could Ryan Reynolds be? Thanks for the warning and congrats for getting back on the running horse! - Jess

  7. Followed you on instagram! :)

    Your cat is adorable.