Monday, December 23, 2013

P.T. and a Grinch moment

Good morning guys!

I'm feeling a bit better and a bit more in control now that my office party is over with and this weekend went pretty ok as far as eating goes.  Chris and I did make it to tennis before the storms rolled in Saturday.  But the sucky part is after, I had a really bad flare up with my Plantar Faciitis.    And even worse than the bad flare up, I forgot to log, ANYTHING yesterday and I messed up my streak on My Fitness Pal!  Gah!

To that, I say...

Speaking of P.F., I go to my first physical therapy appointment today.  I am really tired of struggling with these P.F. issues!  I wish my stoopid feet would just hurry up and feel better already.  I'm itching to get back into a regular routine again.    And I'm hoping Santa will bring me some new shoes for Christmas and I'm hoping that will also help my feet issues too.  Although I may need 2 pairs, since it really seems that the "tennis" shoes are the real culprit here.  I don't tend to have as bad of the problems with the P.F. after a run as I do when playing tennis.   I know this is a huge stretch, but does anyone have any recommendations for tennis playing shoes for those of you who have P.F.   I do not want to give up my tennis!  I love it too much!

Ok putting my "Grinch" hat on for a few minutes here.  But I can't wait until Christmas is over with.  I mean, I love Christmas, I really do!  I just feel like for some reason I had a much better handle on things last year than I do this year.  Last year, I was just starting my journey and now here I am a year in and I am failing at everything.  I've gained 5 pounds (or more) since Thanksgiving and because of my feet issues combined with bouts of laziness, exercising as been minimal at best.  I'm just ready to get back into a normal routine.  </takes Grinch hat off>

With that being said, I feel like I'm ready to get my head back in the game.  I've got to work out a game plan and get back on track.  Phase 1, will be to get these stupid feet issues out of the way!

Hope you guys are ready for Christmas and will have a wonderful time with friends and family!


  1. Have a very Merry Christmas! I know you will get things back to normal in the new year. It's such a hard time of the year to keep everything going. Just try and enjoy the season. :)

  2. My routine has been off since Thanksgiving so I'm pretty ready for the holiday season to be over myself. We'll get our mojo back. :) I hope your PT appt. goes well! A Merry Happy to you and yours!

  3. I hope your doctors appointment went well! PF is definitely frustrating to deal with!

  4. Glad to hear you got a PT appt. I hope that helps you out! And don't worry about MFP. You can just start a new streak now. ;)

    Have a great Christmas!!

  5. Sorry about your PF. I've had it on and off for a few years, it started when I was doing Zumba a lot and all that jumping I think was what caused it. I'm sure you have a full routine from PT, but what helped me the most was rolling it on and off all day long under my desk on a frozen water (ok ok mountain dew) bottle full of ice; taping my arches with rock tape all the time, and getting shoes for work with super supportive arches and I've added separate arch inserts too. I've got really high arches and I think that makes me susceptible to it. So maybe even if you keep your regular tennis shoes, you could get some supportive inserts? Merry Christmas and I hope those feet heal up!

    1. Thanks April. I have the heel pads now but I'm also wondering if the inserts would be better for me. For now, I'm doing the stretches, tennis ball rolling and the frozen water bottle methods too. It's actually not hurting but then again, I haven't ran or played tennis either (the things that cause it to flare up). Soo, until I can get some new shoes for both tennis and running and until I get the P.F. under control I'm going to be seeing ALOT of the elliptical! LOL Hope you had a Merry Christmas!