Monday, December 30, 2013

Weekly/Weekend roundup

Hidey Ho everyone!

Not gonna lie, it felt REALLY good to be back on track again.  I'm super excited that December is almost completely out of here.  I'm ready to move onto a new year and to put this month behind us.

Sunday - rest
Monday - 60 minutes or so worth of bowling (not pictured above)
Tuesday - 50 minutes elliptical
Wednesday - Christmas - nada
Thursday - 20 minutes yoga; 60 minutes elliptical
Friday - 60 minutes of torture Physical Therapy (not pictured above)
Saturday - 45 minutes elliptical; 30 minutes (3 reps on about 8 different weight machines focusing on arms)

I started realsies Physical Torture Therapy last Friday and go twice a week (tomorrow and then again next Friday and so on until they tell me not to come anymore).  She started me off with a 10 minute warm up on the elliptical and I'm thinking to myself, ok this is awesome!  Piece of cake!  The elliptical is my thang!  That was probably the last good moment I had during the whole session. 

Next, she had me get up on the table, where she then had to work all those kinks out of my feet and massage the areas with the worst Plantar Faciitis.   I am not a foot person and I don't like that sort of thing.  It makes for an awkward experience let me tell you.  The torturer therapist thought that she was hurting me because I kept flinching, but that was just me being freaked out by another human being touching my footsies.  After that, more stretching and foot stretches and that wasn't too bad.  But then came the resistance band.  Oh the humanity!  I had to stay in squat position and walk side to side for 2 minutes...twice.  Then Wide steps forward and backwards for 2 minutes....twice again.  My thighs were BURNING after this, which tells me that I really need to work on squats/core all that stuff. 

But the very next thing was the absolute worst of all.   I have horrible, horrible balance issues.  And I have since I developed the blood clots/DVT's in 2008.  I pretty much can walk down a hallway at work and still veer into walls.  If I ever got pulled over and was forced to take a sobriety test, let me just say it wouldn't be pretty even if I was stone cold sober.  So, she had me get on this balance ball thingy with a piece of wood on top on one leg and try to move my foot front to back.  Twice.  And then side to side.  Twice.  For 2 minutes.  Longest. 2. Minutes. Ever.  By the end my legs were shaking so badly she took pity on my and let me cut each leg short timewise. 

Lastly she had me do 3 sets of planks.  I did worse than when I did it on my own at home.  I think the first was around 7 seconds, then 9 and then back to 8.  Can you regress with planks?  Geez, it was awful!  But maybe I was still shaky from the whole balance fiasco.

So I get to do this all over again tomorrow!  (Wonder if I should take a Xanax before I go?)  Hmm.

Saturday it was rainy and yucky but I still managed to go with my mom to the gym.  I got another Doctor Who ep watched (Not enough Rory in that episode!)  and then did a killer arm workout.  After that, went home, showered and went to the grocery store.  Then decided to meet up with my mom and my aunt again and we went and saw Saving Mr. Banks!   (It was really good!) 

Sunday was supposed to be laundry and clean the house in my jammies day, but it turned into holy-crap-how-is-it-that-we-have-never-ever-discovered-Minecraft day!  Yea, after we started on that, the next thing Chris and I knew it was 10pm.  It's like the crafting part of World of Warcraft and the Sims had an 8-bit baby!  I sooooo cannot wait to build a Millenium Falcon or a Serenity!

But first, laundry and the house have to get cleaned!  So that's the plan for tonight after work and then some yoga.  Then maybe some Minecraft.  I have off tomorrow and Wednesday for New Years and we are hoping to have just a low key next few days.  We are still binge watching Arrow so there is that, too.  We may go out to eat with the Parental Units at some point but that may be the only highlight of the Holiday (that and the LSU game)!  Just the way I like it!

I found this video of Oz this morning while trying to clean out my cellphone.  I think I was just starting my weight loss journey when this was taken.  Oz is seriously the craziest cat! 

How was your weekend?  Did you do anything fun?  Do you have any exciting plans for NYE or New Years Day?


  1. Glad to see you're back at it :) hope the therapy helps. Just watched all the firefly episodes and Serenity again, I'm always sad when I have to leave and come back to reality! Lol... love me some Captain Mal :)

    1. Oh I need to rewatch those again soon. Maybe when I finish Doctor Who again, I'll go back to my first love... anything Whedon, while at the gym! ;)

      The therapy does seem to be helping! I just wish I could get back to full speed soon!

  2. I am happy you are feeling better. Have a great 2014 xoxox

  3. Great to hear such a positive update! :D

    PT is tough. They really do torture you, but it totally works! I started yoga up again last night after work and boy, did it feel good! I realize how much flexibility I've lost since the last time I was doing yoga regularly. I'm hoping it will help with the tightness in my hips and IT bands because they're not healing as fast as I'd like. Of course I'm an idiot and should have done this much sooner, but c'est la vie.

    We have friends coming to our house tonight that I just found out about last night so I need to figure out what we're doing. Then tomorrow I'll have him come to the gym with me to work me through my new routine that I'm a bit unsure about. He gave me some exercises to do that I'm not sure my Planet Fitness has the equipment for! LOL

    Have an awesome New Year! Looking forward to continuing our journeys! :)

    1. Thanks! Yea, had my 2nd P.T.. session this am and just as hard as the one before! Hard is good, I suppose!

      Hope you guys have a wonderful NYE!

  4. I nearly fell over laughing at your description of Minecraft. That is exactly right and exactly why I hope my husband never discovers it - I'd never be able to pull him out of it!

    1. LOL yea, I went through the whole WoW addiction and it wasn't fun! This is strictly for entertainment purposes and at a minimum! (But I will admit that it is a lot of fun!!)

  5. Keep plugging with the therapy, ultimately it will help A LOT. Keep focused on the end goal which is to get healthy!

    Minecraft-oh, dear. If you need any pointers, ask Eddie. He and his classmates do X Box Live ALL DAY creating stuff and blowing up Creepers.

    1. Thanks Trish!

      Yea, lol not sure how much I'll be playing it anymore until they get the save bug fixed for the PS3!