Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekend / Weekly recap

Morning everyone!

Well, this isn't going to be much of a recep.  I've been sidelined since Thursday afternoon with the killer cold from Hades that won't go away.  I went to the doctor (didn't capitalize it this time around!) on Friday and got a steroid shot as well as some anti-biotics and cough meds.  Sadly, they have not done a lick to kick this cold to the curb.  I'm calling the doc back again today.  I'm still completely congested in my sinuses and the cough just hurts now.   Ok enough of my whining.

Monday - 60 minutes of Bowling (not pictured)
Tuesday - 45 minutes of Walking; 20 minutes of weight training
Wednesday - 60 minutes of Physical Therapy; 60 minutes of walking
Thursday - Nothing (sick)
Friday - Nothing (sick)
Saturday - Nothing (sick)
Sunday - Nothing (sick)

I really haven't been this sick in a long , long time and I'm quite ready for it to leave me alone now.  

The eating hasn't been all that great either.  Mr. Skinny Geek was sweet and brought me Ice Cream on the first day and I ate it all.   The whole pint.  A little regret going on about that but it did feel good on a sore throat.

Since this is a bummer of an update, here's some pics from the last few days.

Hope you guys are having a good week!  I really hope to be on the rebound very soon!


  1. :( Sorry to hear you aren't feeling much better!

    1. Thanks April! Doing much better now though! I was able to go back to work yesterday and even better so far today!

  2. Oh no-- hope you start on the upswing very soon. Feel better!

  3. Ugh the Crud! That's the worst. Just focus on resting up. If you get active too soon you're just going to mess yourself up so focus on that!

  4. oh no, I can't believe that you're still so ill, that's horrible! I really hope you get better soon!

  5. Kitties! I hope that this cold from Hades flees soon. It's really hanging on!

  6. It sucks being sick! Hopefully it'll go away soon. :) At least you have your kitties to keep you warm. LOL

  7. Oh no! Being sick is the worst :-( I hope the doc is more helpful this time around!!

  8. I hope you start to feel better :-(

  9. Awh, sorry you've still got the crud. I hope you start feeling much better soon!

  10. Hope you're able to get some good rest and relief soon!

  11. Aww, sorry to hear you're still feeling crappy! I hope you feel better really soon. Make sure the cats step up their game taking care of you!

  12. I'm so sorry you're still sick! I hate that! At least you have TWD graphic novels to keep you company :)