Friday, February 28, 2014

February recap and weekend plans

February turned out to be a pretty okay month for me.  I couldn't always give 100% but I felt like I did what I could and when I could.  We had a lot of personal issues going on with Devyn and instead of eating my emotions and letting the stress get to me, I tried to focus on getting out and just squeezing in a little something even if it was for just 15 minutes.  So I really call that a victory.  And with the exception of my sick week, I really think February looks decent.

Weight gain/loss could have been much worse too.  So really I can't say I'm too disappointed here.

Goals for March -
  • Ease back into running
  • 2-3 days of weight training per week
  • Yoga at least once a week
  • Start swimming again
  • Lose 4 pounds and finally break through the 60 pound mark
I did a bit of research yesterday since I knew I'd be going out and getting some new shoes for both tennis and running.  In addition to the new shoes, I thought I'd take a look at some supportive inserts to help with the Plantar Faciitis.  I've been having and using the heel pads for quite some time now but I still have flare ups and looking at some of the prices of the Orthodics made me cringe just a bit, especially if they needed to be custom made.  (Even though, honestly, I would pay ANYTHING to get rid of this for good).   I ended up going to a local New Balance store yesterday and I picked up these Supportive Cushioning Insole .  I wore them last night to the gym and then put them in the new court shoes that I bought and knocked a couple of balls around with the machine while Chris was at tennis clinic.  Other than the tiny lingering pain I was already feeling in my left foot, and after the machine, I can honestly say this was the first time in a LONG time that after any type of exercise that I didn't have a flare up.  I think because pressure on my foot now isn't centered on my heel anymore and that most of the impact is in the ball of my foot.

Time will tell here, but I have to say so far I am very impressed and I wish I would have done this research a long, long time ago! 

These are the new tennis court shoes that I ended up with!  I love them so far and they are not boring white!  So shiny!

What are your plans for the weekend?  Getting any exercise in?

Chris and I have a pretty busy weekend but also non-eventful weekend planned.  Makes sense, right?  LOL I will explain.  Tonight we have a meeting to attend and then afterwards we may just chill out and relax.  I am going to try to talk Mr. Skinny Geek into watching Thor 2.   (Which I thoroughly enjoyed!).   

Tomorrow we already know that our Doubles tennis clinic has been cancelled so I'll try to do something active, whether I go to the gym or walk or something.  Not sure yet.  After that is meal planning, groceries, all that fun stuff.  Then (Chris is gonna love this...) spring cleaning around the house.  Yes, I plan to clean nooks and crannies and crevasses this weekend.  AND even though there is frost on the yard today, it is supposed to be back up in the 70ยบs tomorrow here and our grass is already getting out of hand.  

Little bit of frost and a whole shit ton of clover
Yep, we have to mow and do yardwork.  Already.

Good news is that I don't have to do all this at once.  We do have off for Mardi Gras on Fat Tuesday.  So I can spread it out a little.  My YMCA is also closed on Tuesday so I'll have to do something else then.  I really want to try to bust out a hardcore Last Chance Workout before Wednesday's weigh in.  And for the love of all that is holy let me see a number that is not 186.  (I don't want to see a number higher than that either, but you know what I mean..)

Sunday will be a "I'm-not-getting-out-of-my-jammies-until-absolutely-necessary-day" or until Chris's brother and our friend John come over for the annual Oscar party-ish/normal Sunday night shindig.   We used to go all out with the Oscar Party many moons ago but have been much more low-key the older we get.  Now we're lucky if I can get everyone to do a ballot.  /sigh  Men.  Hrmph.

Do you Oscar Watch?  Who are you wanting to win Best Picture?

I'm going with 12 Years A Slave.  Fantastic movie.  (and it has Cumberbatch in it...).  I'm also thinking Best Actor will be McConaughey and Actress will be Cate Blanchett (didn't watch Dallas Buyers Club yet nor Blue Jasmine but going with the gut here).  Get your printable ballots here!
If I can get to watch the Oscars live this Sunday I may be tweeting while impaired, so if you follow me on twitter, that should be mildly entertaining, but not nearly as entertaining as the Oscars themselves (hopefully).  It all depends if a) Chris is hogging the tv and playing the PS4 and b) we are catching up on True Detective and/or House of Cards.

Ok I guess I'll go ahead and post this before it becomes a novel.  Hope y'all have a great weekend.  If you are local and go to any parades,

Laissez les bons temps rouler!!!!


Thursday, February 27, 2014

I have a button now. Buttons are cool.

After fighting and struggling and deciding that I really really hate photo-editing, I have a semi-finished product.  If you look on this blog and a little further down and to the right, you should see a shiny purple Desiree' button.

It's large, yes.  I swear I only made it around 2 inches.  I will work on it later but for now, there is a button. 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ok Disney, you win....

Ok Disney, you win.... Take ALL MY MONEY!

Oh if this is true...

Star Wars 10K and Half Marathon coming to Walt Disney World!

Weigh In Wednesday

Good morning guys!

I'm finally feeling mostly back like myself again since the Upper Respiratory Infection.  I'm also still dealing with a lot of stress right now but am working on it.  I'm just making sure I'm still taking things step by step and shifting my focus back to taking care of me right now.

In other news, I'm hoping to hit some shoe stores this weekend and hopefully get a new pair of shoes that will help with the P.F. flare ups.  I'm still having the Plantar Faciitis from time to time, like when I walk at work.  I have an old pair of shoes that I keep at my desk.  I'm going to try a different pair to see if that helps.  Some days that little walk at work here lately has been the only exercise I can muster so I need to make sure I have the best pair possible up there (even if that means I need to start bringing my good shoes up there every day).  That and I REALLY want to start running again and tennis too.  I miss tennis especially.

Speaking of running.... I've often toyed with the idea of trying to run a Disney Race.  But I haven't had one that made me REALLY want to.  Don't get me wrong, it's my dream to actually run a Disney Race but I haven't come across one that made me stop and say, Yes, this is it.  This is me and this is what I want to do.  Until now.

I give you the Avengers Half Marathon.

The downside, is that it's at DL.  If this was in WDW, I would absolutely make this happen.  I still want to, but a lot of financial factors need to fall into place.  It's actually a week and a half before Mr. Skinny Geek and my 10th anniversary.   And, I've always wanted to go to Los Angeles and as many times that I've been to Walt Disney World, I have never been to Disneyland.

Even if I can't run a Half by then, I could feasibly run the 5K for sure.  I would start training (P.F. permitting) for a Half though.  I guess what I'm trying to say is that even if I can't do the Half, I could easily do the 5K and still make a wonderful weekend out of it.

Ok now down to the business of the day.

Weigh In Wednesday

Weigh In this week was exactly how it's been for the past 3.  (I didn't officially weigh in last week but it was up and in my feverish state, I didn't bother registering it on MFP or on the blog here)

I'm not even upset given the craziness of the last few weeks.  But I am ready to get back on the wagon and start getting past the 60 pound barrier.  I'm so so so so so tired of being in the upper 180s.  I have been hovering around these numbers since AUGUST.

Shh!  Don't tell Chris I got this pic!  My sleepy boys!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Missing in Action

Sorry I have been M.I.A. for most of this week.  I've had round 2 of an upper respitory infection since the year started and it has really kicked my ass since Tuesday.  Exercise and diet have really been out of the window. I haven't even dared to step on the scale until this morning and I wasn't pleased with he number either. 

Ah well.  I hope to be back to full speed soon.

How have you guys been? Hoping to get caught up on some blogs today.  I havent even felt the urge to get on the computer either with the exception of watching the "Guardians of the Galaxy" trailer.  (How epic does that look!?)

Chris and I did finally get around to starting House of Cards last night and wow...Great show!  We watched 3 eps last night!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up

It's been about 2 weeks since I've done a weekly report.  These really help with my focus and allows me to take a look back at what I can improve on and what I've done right. 

Food - I'd say I've done about 85% ok with food.  I think during these two weeks I've only gone over in calories 2 times although I have gotten a little lax in logging this weekend into My Fitness Pal.  Getting back on track with that today though.

Exercise - I haven't been able to do much these last few weeks but something small is better than nothing I suppose each day

Monday - 30 minutes elliptical; 60 minutes bowling (not pictured)
Tuesday - 15 minutes elliptical
Wednesday - 29 minutes walking
Thursday - 15 minutes walking
Friday - 30 minutes walking
Saturday - 21 minutes weights; 50 minutes elliptical
Sunday - nothing/rest day

And with that Sunday rest day, that meant I was extraordinarily lazy and starting to not feel well.  That also meant the end of my streak.  UGH.  I am so mad with myself!  I worked too damn hard to keep that stupid streak going even through NOLA Comic Con, a personal crisis and Valentine's day to end it on a lazy Sunday.  I could have at least had a valid excuse to stop it, but no..... only just a little case of the sniffles and soft, warm and comfy pajamas are the culprit here.

Here's a new Tardis/Desiree' comparison pic.  I'm not seeing much of a difference here, but the numbers tell me differently!  I'm not where I want to be but better than where I was before!

Left 232.  Right 187.

Speaking of Tardis' (Tardis-i? I dunno, what's the plural of Tardis?)  I found out yesterday that we have a new Con in NOLA in June!  This time Sylvester McCoy, Jewel Staite and Adam Baldwin (and Luke Perry for you original Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie fans - oh, he was also in some little show called 90210..) lol

I've seen Adam Baldwin before at a Wizard World con but I'm extremely excited about Jewel and Sylvester!  Two Doctors in one year!  AHHH!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day isn't my favorite.   It's not that I don't get it.  I've never been a "flower" person (the cats eat them anyway) and we can go out to eat dinner any ole time.  Chocolates.. meh.  Me and my butt can definitely do without them.

But I get the meaning behind it and personally, just think you don't need to devote one day to tell your significant other how much you love them.  Do it every single day!  Tell them all the time and really mean it.

That being said, I did want to take a minute and devote this post to my husband. 

Here's to my favorite valentine, Mr. Skinny Geek (and google image search!)

By the time I was ready to go live with my post, Chris surprised me with the best card and the best gift ever!

Be still my nerdy little heart!

What are your plans for Valentine's Day?  (I'm requesting Chris take me to see Robocop...) Seriously!  ;)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

NSV Thursday


It's been quite a while that I've linked up with Katie and her NSV blog linkup!  I finally have not only one thing to contribute but two!

1. I squeezed in a mile this morning before work, bringing my Mile Streak to 30 Whopping Days in a row! 

It is particularly amazing to me that I did this especially considering the last couple of weeks have been especially rough.  Not gonna go into it, (maybe someday) but just trust me.  Dealing with some issues right now and they have been consuming not only my time but my stress level is through the roof.  So there have been some days where all I could do to carve out 20 minutes for a walk just to get in my mile, and you know what, I was still able to do it. 

So the next question is this... do I keep going?


Exercise has been minimal at best but having the accountability each and every day has REALLY helped me keep my mind in the game and focused.  Plus, you guys know that it's incredible stress relief!

2.  Around October, I bought a shiny new coat (that reminded me of Sherlock) and it was a size Large.  I've been wearing this all winter but haven't quite been able to button it.  Until last week.  BOOM!  

London Fog - who know they still made coats!? (See, reminded me of Sherlock...) And Cumberbatch.
I still don't know how to use a scarf properly..
So I am really happy to participate this week in the link up!  I finally have something to contribute since it seems my NSV's have been few and far between lately. 

Loki did not want me to get up and get moving this morning.  I had to shove this adorable furball off my lap and get ready for work or else I'd still be on that couch snuggling with my buddy. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday

Good morning everyone!  Quick post here but wanted to chime in on Weigh In Wednesday!

Weigh In Wednesday

And the verdict is...

Womp womp.  Same as last week.

Honestly I am THRILLED with that, since it's not a gain.   It's really hard to stay on track especially when you are tempted by flowing amounts of alcohol and beignets in New Orleans.  I'm pretty proud to say that I only had 1 beignet and 0 alcoholic beverages during our trip.  (I won't comment on the fried fish and the McDonald's and the starbucks coffee...)

So yes, I am actually very happy with that number this week!

I missed Doyle's annoying little furry face waking me up each morning at 4am....NOT!

How do you all stay on track when you go out of town? 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Wizard World Comic Con Day 3 and photo dump

Chris and I woke up around 8:30 Sunday and investigated our hotel a bit more and snuck a few pics here and there.  It was a little awkward being that we were the only ones taking pics, but I wanted to make sure I remember as much as I can since its highly unlikely that I'll never be back there!

We checked out and decided to swing by Mother's again for brunch.  Breakfast was just as amazing as dinner!

Chris had Sausage, Egg and Cheese biscuit.  I had Ham and Cheese omelette, biscuit and grits.

Day 3 was so nice since the crowds were definitely smaller than the day before.  By this point, I think all of us were just utterly exhausted from all the Saturday lines!

I did meet up with a facebook friend, Misti!  She was so so sweet!  I'm so glad I finally met her in real life!  We bonded over our love for Daryl Dixon! 

The only thing on our to-do list for Sunday was Michael Rooker's panel.  He was a hoot! 

After his panel, we walked around a bit more and just decided to call it a weekend.  We left around 3 to head home.  We had such a great time and I would definitely stay overnight again.  I need to get planning on that because they've released the dates for next year already!  January 9-11, 2015!   This time around I'm thinking we will stay Friday and Saturday for sure.  It was just so convenient rather than commuting. 

Ok here's more pics from the weekend, hopefully no duplicates! 

Eden and the Tardis!


Leloo Dallas Multipass

Wash and Kaylee cosplay from Firefly/Serenity

J. August Richards (Gunn from Angel....and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)

Moxxi from Borderlands

Photo courtesy of Norris!