Friday, February 28, 2014

February recap and weekend plans

February turned out to be a pretty okay month for me.  I couldn't always give 100% but I felt like I did what I could and when I could.  We had a lot of personal issues going on with Devyn and instead of eating my emotions and letting the stress get to me, I tried to focus on getting out and just squeezing in a little something even if it was for just 15 minutes.  So I really call that a victory.  And with the exception of my sick week, I really think February looks decent.

Weight gain/loss could have been much worse too.  So really I can't say I'm too disappointed here.

Goals for March -
  • Ease back into running
  • 2-3 days of weight training per week
  • Yoga at least once a week
  • Start swimming again
  • Lose 4 pounds and finally break through the 60 pound mark
I did a bit of research yesterday since I knew I'd be going out and getting some new shoes for both tennis and running.  In addition to the new shoes, I thought I'd take a look at some supportive inserts to help with the Plantar Faciitis.  I've been having and using the heel pads for quite some time now but I still have flare ups and looking at some of the prices of the Orthodics made me cringe just a bit, especially if they needed to be custom made.  (Even though, honestly, I would pay ANYTHING to get rid of this for good).   I ended up going to a local New Balance store yesterday and I picked up these Supportive Cushioning Insole .  I wore them last night to the gym and then put them in the new court shoes that I bought and knocked a couple of balls around with the machine while Chris was at tennis clinic.  Other than the tiny lingering pain I was already feeling in my left foot, and after the machine, I can honestly say this was the first time in a LONG time that after any type of exercise that I didn't have a flare up.  I think because pressure on my foot now isn't centered on my heel anymore and that most of the impact is in the ball of my foot.

Time will tell here, but I have to say so far I am very impressed and I wish I would have done this research a long, long time ago! 

These are the new tennis court shoes that I ended up with!  I love them so far and they are not boring white!  So shiny!

What are your plans for the weekend?  Getting any exercise in?

Chris and I have a pretty busy weekend but also non-eventful weekend planned.  Makes sense, right?  LOL I will explain.  Tonight we have a meeting to attend and then afterwards we may just chill out and relax.  I am going to try to talk Mr. Skinny Geek into watching Thor 2.   (Which I thoroughly enjoyed!).   

Tomorrow we already know that our Doubles tennis clinic has been cancelled so I'll try to do something active, whether I go to the gym or walk or something.  Not sure yet.  After that is meal planning, groceries, all that fun stuff.  Then (Chris is gonna love this...) spring cleaning around the house.  Yes, I plan to clean nooks and crannies and crevasses this weekend.  AND even though there is frost on the yard today, it is supposed to be back up in the 70ºs tomorrow here and our grass is already getting out of hand.  

Little bit of frost and a whole shit ton of clover
Yep, we have to mow and do yardwork.  Already.

Good news is that I don't have to do all this at once.  We do have off for Mardi Gras on Fat Tuesday.  So I can spread it out a little.  My YMCA is also closed on Tuesday so I'll have to do something else then.  I really want to try to bust out a hardcore Last Chance Workout before Wednesday's weigh in.  And for the love of all that is holy let me see a number that is not 186.  (I don't want to see a number higher than that either, but you know what I mean..)

Sunday will be a "I'm-not-getting-out-of-my-jammies-until-absolutely-necessary-day" or until Chris's brother and our friend John come over for the annual Oscar party-ish/normal Sunday night shindig.   We used to go all out with the Oscar Party many moons ago but have been much more low-key the older we get.  Now we're lucky if I can get everyone to do a ballot.  /sigh  Men.  Hrmph.

Do you Oscar Watch?  Who are you wanting to win Best Picture?

I'm going with 12 Years A Slave.  Fantastic movie.  (and it has Cumberbatch in it...).  I'm also thinking Best Actor will be McConaughey and Actress will be Cate Blanchett (didn't watch Dallas Buyers Club yet nor Blue Jasmine but going with the gut here).  Get your printable ballots here!
If I can get to watch the Oscars live this Sunday I may be tweeting while impaired, so if you follow me on twitter, that should be mildly entertaining, but not nearly as entertaining as the Oscars themselves (hopefully).  It all depends if a) Chris is hogging the tv and playing the PS4 and b) we are catching up on True Detective and/or House of Cards.

Ok I guess I'll go ahead and post this before it becomes a novel.  Hope y'all have a great weekend.  If you are local and go to any parades,

Laissez les bons temps rouler!!!!



  1. I think if we tried to do any yard work here, the shovels and mower would freeze. On the plus side, no yard work for a while still? Silver lining?

    And staying in your jammies all day sounds great!

  2. Happy Mardi Gras! I hope you have a fun time. :)

    Kind of jealous you're going to be mowing! I want to mow!

    1. Thanks Shannon! I'm not doing any parades this year but it's still an exciting time to be down here!

  3. Great job in February!

    Those shoes are so cute! What kind of running shoes are you getting??

    1. Thanks HIlary!

      I'm not sure yet. We had an unexpected expense pop up this weekend (Garage door broke! ugh) so may have to wait another week on the shoes.

  4. Do not get me started on custom orthopedics.. I might explode! Haha.

  5. Cute shoes!! And you have much to be proud of. Esp not giving in to emotional eating when life stressors pop up. Big Congrats!!!

  6. I'm so lazy! I really need to start doing this again! Thanks for the post!

  7. Glad to hear the inserts are helping your feet!! That's exciting!

  8. If I may ask - When you were at your heaviest did you start running or did you exercise other ways and then start running? If you started out running how long did it take you to adjust?

    I ask because - I. thought. I. was. going. to. die. My heaviest was like 240 for 3 depressing months and then I busted #$^ and dropped to 160 in 4 months just by correct diet alterations and went to the gym and burned (@LEAST) 300-400 calories on an elliptical and then went and did weight machines for 30 minutes. Every day.
    That was college now here I am 8 months out from having my baby and I just can't go to a gym. I can; however, fit in a run around the neighborhood.
    Welllll then I went out and ran. Lord. Have. Mercy. I just don't get it with running. I need a bear chasing me or something. I feel like robust sticky hippo running at full speed on land. I end up breathing so hard my nose burns. My stuff juggles. Bounces out even! and I'm not talking about the girls.

    1. Aint gonna was hard at first. I pretty much started the Couch to 5k program at around 240 lbs. At first the weight dropped pretty quickly but now Ive been stuck at the upper 180s for about 7 months now. I am looking forward to trying to get back into running though. Best of luck and just keep at it! It will get easier!! (I also had to double up on sports bras at first!)

  9. OMG you were spot on with those Oscar predictions, girlfriend!! We did end up watching a little (it snowed here...AGAIN... so we didn't make it over to Scott's for Walking Dead and we pay for super basic cable, so no AMC for us...lame.

    I am so impressed with all the work you did in February with everything that was going on. It is a huge victory that you used exercise to help manage your stress, not food. I am so proud of you, friend!

    1. Haha I should have gone to a casino or bought a lottery ticket this weekend!

      TWD was excellent!

  10. Staying away from emotional eating is a definite check in the Awesome Job category. GOOD WORK!
    Love the new shoes. Good luck with the inserts and good luck finding new running shoes when you do get them.
    And enjoy mowing your lawn. Enjoy every second of it and think of us in the frozen tundra dreaming of the days we can finally SEE our front lawns.

  11. Oh man and did you see Benedict Cumberbatch last night during Lupita's speech? He was crying! SO MUCH LOVE FOR HIM!

    1. Thanks so much!

      I sure hope you guys thaw out soon up there in the Frozen North!

      YES! I didn't think it was even remotely possible to love that man any more than I did but after that and the epic U2 photobomb and how happy he was for the film and Lupita.... he's definitely #1 fangirl crush of the moment!